Because pedaling and coasting is sooo much harder. While we applaud innovation and outside-the-bike thinking, this video pretty sums it up. Click through for pics, official website is here.


  1. I’ll say the same thing I said on 2 other sites – Oh, my aching balls.

    Anyone want to try going uphill on it?

    Being 50% German, I’m ashamed of the lack of Fahrvergnügen…and practical engineering.

  2. This was a featured entry at this year’s 16th International Bicycle Design Competition where it won a merit award. A “velocipede” strictly speaking it’s not. There is further commentary and photos over on the Cycling Satin Cesena blog. The previous year did feature a design that drew directly on the velocipede archtype which you can also check out on that blog.

  3. Total dentist bike, omg come off it. You know, it’s all about the motor on the bike not the light bike that’s yellow with straps. If you’re fat, a light bike makes no difference, so plz review more steel Puch retro bikes with ultegra kits.

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