Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Grizzly Trail Partner

bikerumor pic of the day grizzly bear trail partner in montana

Photo submitted by Cameron Phillips, “Southwestern Montana, USA (August 29, 2012). Rain the night before dried the road to a light crust.  My trail partner and I were first tracks! This grizzly trail partner had been on the road for over 2 miles…”

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3 thoughts on “Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Grizzly Trail Partner

  1. Looks like they were heading to a NAMBLA (north american man bear love association) meeting in the wilderness. I hear them parts of Montana get pretty lonely this time of year.

  2. “First tracks,” eh? Nice to see flatlanders who move to Montana to brag on themselves. I bet the bears really were impressed by those “first tracks,” Mr Translplanted Flatlander.

  3. Cool photo, we see cougar tracks on our local trails/roads which is spooky enough–I know Alaskans ride with cowbells strapped to their saddle rails to make enough noise to scare off bears & moose.

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