2013 Leatt ProLite and Comp4 neck braces for downhill and freeride mountain biking

Leatt has revised their neck brace lineup bring neck protection down a price rung and added soft body armor and a cooling base layer.

The new Pro Lite carbon fiber model (right) changed slightly so they could mass produce them rather than hand build each one. This brought the price down from $699 to $499. It also gets a new Core Flex thoracic section that’s split down the middle to provide better flex and comfort.

The Comp 4 (left) is a new price point model. It gets the same Core Flex split thoracic section and a new split front plate for comfort. The sides are lower, too, to make it easier to look down when wearing a full face helmet. Price drops $40 to $359. The key benefit of the pro model is weight. It’s about 550g versus 850g for the Core 4. Detail pics and more below…

2013 Leatt Comp 4 nec brace for mountain biking gets updated front section

The Comp 4’s front section gets split down the middle to be a bit more comfortable.

The Pro Lite’s new rear section gets two carbon leaf springs with removable padding. This lets it flex more naturally with your body as you get rad. The Comp 4 and new Ride 4 get a fixed pad but share the split design:

2013 Leatt ProLite and Comp4 neck braces for downhill and freeride mountain biking

The entry level Ride 4 stays at $299 even with the new split Core Flex back panel.

2013 Leatt 3DF foam soft body armor

New 3DF soft body protection uses thick built in “3D Foam” on a thin wicking body to protect all key areas. Available in two junior sizes and three adult sizes for the Body Jacket. Prices from $195 for the adult version. There’s also a Body Vest without the elbow and shoulder protection. The foam is molded to curve with your body and is ventilated. It hardens on impact, and they say it protects as well as hard plastic shells but is flexible. There are also 3DF elbow and knee guards in junior and adult sizes.

2013 Leatt 3DF foam soft body armor

Leatt says all of their products meet the highest CE testing standard.

Not shown, new Coolit Tee uses Hypercool fabric. Soak it in water before putting it on and it’ll cool you for up to six hours.

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