Timbuk 2 Full Cycle Messenger Bag Front

Timbuk2 released a limited edition messenger last year sewn with old bike-to-work banners. They’re now delving deeper into the recycled/upcycled world of gear with the new Full-Cycle collection. For fabrics and webbing, they’re using PET fiber that comes from recycled plastic bottles. Straps and buckles are made with salvaged post-industrial and post-consumer materials. The Full-Cycle collection features four items – a messenger, a backpack, a tote bag, and an iPad (or Kindle Fire) sleeve.

The messenger shown above can be picked up for between $79 and $99 depending on size. They’re offering them in XS, S, and M. Along with the standard Timbuk2 pockets, it gets a Napoleon sleeve under the flap and a loop for blinky lights.

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Timbuk 2 Full Cycle Messenger Bag Front Open

The messenger comes in two colors – gunmetal as shown above, and blue.

Timbuk 2 Amnesia Full Cycle Backpack Timbuk 2 Amnesia Full Cycle Backpack Straps

The Amnesia Backpack is padded with post-industrial foam and is sewn with the same fabric as the messenger. It holds 28L and is packed with an array of pockets including a tricot-lined laptop compartment. Pricing is $99 in blue and gunmetal.

Timbuk 2 Full Cycle Tote Bag

Yoga just isn’t the same without a fashionable, recycled tote bag. The Scrunchie Tote holds 18L of goods, and has a zipper closure on the top with some extra zip pockets on the outside. Pricing is $89 in blue and gunmetal.

Timbuk 2 Full Cycle Envelope Sleeve

The Full-Cycle Envelope Sleeve is offered in two versions, iPad and Kindle Fire. The iPad sleeve is priced at $30, the smaller Kindle Fire sleeve at $25. The Kindle Fire sleeve comes in blue only and the iPad sleeve gets both colors.


  1. Really…”full-cycle” Does that mean that they are claiming that they have a full “cradle to cradle” of the product’s life cycle? If that were true the’d take the bags back when they reached the end of their life and recycle them into something else. Also I see zippers and metal hardware on these bags…..Geez what a con….I don’t get me wrong I love that they are trying, but don’t try to claim or infer to be something that they are not….Also…Are these made in CHINA or some other sweat shop? Hey Timbuk2 how about you guys bring your manufacturing back to the USA.

  2. JJ
    you’ve assumed the meaning of the marketing tag “full cycle”, then called them out on (possibly) not meeting the full requirements of your assumed meaning.

    Seems a bit heavy handed on the self righteous. what a con indeed.

  3. JJ,
    You might want to stop and read a little before talking. You make one rounding assumption based on the name of the product. Assumptions that are not founded and unsupported. The article clearly mentions recycling and upcycling. There is no mention of cradle-to-cradle design and manufacturing.
    And as a matter of fact they have designed and manufactured their products in San Fransisco since they began.

  4. Gillis,

    Timbuk2 only does “some” of their manufacturing in the U.S.: custom bag orders. The rest of their product lineup is produced offshore. All the design still takes place in SF.

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