Contour is releasing an update to their well received video camera this September for $399. The camera is priced at a slight premium over competitors like GoPro but packs a loads of unique features.

The Contour has a GPS receiver built in which allows you to overlay videos with speed, elevation, and distance information. Bluetooth is built it and can be used to view video on your mobile device – ensuring the perfect angle. The camera also has a bunch of “pro” settings which allow you to adjust white balance, contrast, sharpness, exposure, and metering.

In addition to the built in features, the Contour +2 is capable of shooting ultra slow motion. The camera can caption 120 FPS at 480p, a very small size, considering that the recently announced Sony POV will be able to shoot 120 FPS at 720P.

We’ve always like the Contours compact form factor, but in the past, their offerings have failed to match the impressive quality of GoPro footy. Fingers crossed they’ve finally mastered the formula.

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  1. Image quality is important, but the biggest problem with both Contour and GoPro is the lack of image stabilization. The new Sony helmet cam has it. I await the reviews.

  2. I’ve owned 2 Contours. The big problem I had was a corrupted card when recording as he battery failed. Not sure about the Roam etc but in the recent past they had no “soft shutdown” when the battery was drained.

  3. I have had nearly every contour from the GPS up to the +. They have all performed really well for me. The GPS model did have to be replaced, but it really wasn’t a problem, they sent a new one right away. I never had any card problems, even on battery drain out. I use them on aircraft (and my bikes), in places I cannot access in flight, so they get turned on prior to takeoff and run until they run out of juice. Never had a problem yet. The form factor is the best for any high drag situation.

    I think the Sony has some cool specs, but it is still vaporware on their website as of September. No idea of when they will ship, no hint, nothing. I always looked to Sony for top of the line stuff, but as of late they cannot make anything that works well, or with anything else. They always have to have several layers of proprietary memory cards, cables and power supplies. I hope they can do better this time. However, I may die of old age before this camera actually comes to the market, its now about 4 months since the announcement and no camera. I can get this one today from REI.

    I wait to be convinced about any action cam image stab system. You have to understand how they work. You need to have a bigger sensor that can use a crop of the image. It takes the image and uses the surrounding pixels to center the image as it vibrates off center. so if you think about it, it can only correct very small vibrations, not what happens on a typical action situation, or the sensor would have to be huge. If you want real stab, you need a physical gyro that stabilizes the camera. I’ve used them, they cost a fortune and are big, about the size of an orange.

  4. I have the Contour Roam and it takes great videos for me. Only drawback is that adjusting the settings for video or audio are clunky because you can only do it while hooked up to your PC. Otherwise it is the easiest vid cam Ive ever used.

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