Action Wipes Sports Cleaning Wipes 25 Pack

We picked up some moist towelette Action Wipes a few years back at Interbike, and they were fantastic. When there’s no time to shower after biking, they provide a quick solution for removing dirt and grime. Plus, they’re more durable than baby wipes, sud up a bit for scrubbing action, and leave no foamy residue.

Action Wipes are now sold in single packs, starting at $1.25 per and gradually decreasing in price as you bulk up the order, maxing out at $45 for 50 singles. They’re packed with essential oils and natural plant-based ingredients, so they’ll leave you smelling kind of like a delicious organic grocery store. That’s two thumbs up in my moist towelette book.

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Action Wipes Sports Wipes Multipack 30

If singles aren’t your deal, then they have a pop-up package that comes with 30 wipes. It’s a bit cheaper, too, priced at $24.

Action Wipes Cooling Spray

Also, they’ve announced a new cooling sports spray for application after workouts that they’ll be showcasing at Interbike in a couple weeks. It’s made with a lot of the same ingredients as the towelettes, with essential oils, eucalyptus, tea tree, lemon myrtle, rosemary, geranium and such. We’re big fans of cooling sprays and will, hopefully, get some hands on action at Interbike. Pricing is $15 for the 5 oz, $7.50 for the 2 oz.




  1. would be very handy to take one while riding just in case, you know, you may have to visit the bushes and don’t wanna leave a streak on your pad

  2. I bought these at I think the Wildflower Tri earlier this year. I always keep one in my riding backpack and have used them a bunch of times already. Mainly after I know I brushed some Poison Oak bombing down a tight trail. I have scrubbed my arms and legs and did not get any Poison Oak when I know I should have broken out. They work well for that on me and are gentle on my skin. They are also nice and big. I have used them to wash my face and hand and they work very nicely. Ordering another Multi-pack soon! Best wipes I have used, better than any of the individual baby wipes out there. Thank you for making these!

  3. Oh man I gotta admire how someone took something old and repackaged it for a different market. Smart. Smart. Its like a $0.02 thing for a $1.25. Awesome

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