Wahoo Fitness Kickr bluetooth smart cycling trainer with power measurement

Wahoo Fitness introduced the first Bluetooth-based heart rate and speed/cadence sensors for on-bike to work with the iPhone 4 and their own app. Now, just in time for winter training, they’ve created a complete trainer that measures power and transmits the data via both Bluetooth and ANT+.

Called the Kickr, it uses a strain gauge at the flywheel to measure power. They say it’s extremely accurate with little variance (+/- just 2-3 watts rather than 2-3%) because there’s nothing lost through the system, tires, etc.

Resistance is set through their iPhone / iPad app that records power and other workout basics, including cadence and heart rate from their sensors. It’ll have TrainerRoad.com and Kinomap Trainer compatibility. they’re also working with Strava to simulate real rides on the trainer so that the app would automatically change resistance to mimic the route.

While it looks similar to a Lemond trainer, the design is theirs from the ground up and has some nice adjustability. Since it uses both ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart, it’ll send data to any compatible cycling computer as well as their app. No Android compatibility yet because it’s on the latest Bluetooth protocol.

Pricing should be very competitive and will be announced at Interbike.


  1. I hope by ‘competitive’ you don’t mean competitive with SRM or CompuTrainer. Do you know if the cassette mounts on a true freehub, and if so, will there be a Campy freehub?

  2. “No Android compatibility yet because it’s on the latest Bluetooth protocol.”

    What about the android phones with ant+ like xperian active?

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