Shimano Pro Vibe Carbon Handlebar Recall

Two recalls announced this week: Shimano is recalling Pro Vibe drop handlebars because the handlebars can snap while you’re cruising.  Eecycleworks is recalling brakes because the bridge can crack and injure riders.

Shimano hasn’t received any reports of injury and the recall affects model number PRHA0099, PRHA0102, PRHA0103, PRHA0105 and PRHA0106. The model number is printed on the barcode sticker on the packaging. “Pro Vibe” is printed on all bars listed and they were sold from June 2011 through April 2012. If you have these bars, Shimano recommends you stop using them immediately and contact them at 800-353-4719 for a free replacement. Full CPSC recall info here.

EEcycleworks recall after the break…

EE Cycleworks Brake Recall Eecycleworks received two reports of brakes cracking at the bridge, one of which resulted in minor injury. The models recalled have printed on them the EE logo shown above along with a five digit serial number in the form of “80xxx” or “09xxx” engraved on the front or back. Models were sold September 2008 through March 2011. Eecycleworks recommends you stop using the brakes immediately and contact them at 855-838-6924 for a replacement bridge. Full CSPC info here.



  1. Alas, WG, you have to facts to back up your allegation, especially as you have no clue about the engineering done on the products and the cause of the faults.

  2. wow, that’s surprising. I mean, EE brakes are definitely weight weenie parts, but they looked/felt like some of the better engineered and robust examples of light brakes.

  3. I would imagine the part that is supposedly snapping is just replaced with a beefed up version of the very same thing. They outperform a lot of brakes out there. So says the test done by Fairwheel bikes in the Brake Shootout.

  4. Pmur, here is the low down on the reason for the recall from Fairwheel Bikes:

    I can shed some light on this. So far there have only been two issues where the brake bridge cracked. It was caused by stress corrosion cracking. A combination of tension and corrosive elements. My understanding is that these were isolated incidents but Craig decided to issue new brake bridges just to be on the safe side. I know most companies would not have issued replacement parts with only two incidents of cracking, but would simply call this a manufacturing defect and go on. Craig however seems to take this very seriously, almost to a fault. Personally I don’t see how any company can realistically expect to have a 0% failure rate but that is his goal, and I guess it’s nice to see that attitude in this industry particularly on the lightweight end of it.

    Anyway, the forged brakes are not effected by the recall. The recall covers only earlier brakes with five digit serial numbers beginning with 80xxx or 09xxx. These serial numbers are engraved on either the front or back of the strut portion of the brake. Brakes that have serial numbers engraved directly on the bridge or that have the full name ee cycleworks etched on them are not included in the recall.

    If you have a brake that is in the recall simply contact Craig at EE and he’ll get a new bridge sent out to you.

  5. the ee brakes- the brakes were old and had suffered sweat corrosion for a long time. craig at ee is actually just being extra cautious. they are still the best brakes out there, with the best shoe holder system out there…

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