2013 TRP Quadiem four piston disc brakes for mountain bikes

The TRP Quadiem is a new four-piston all-mountain disk brake. We spotted a prototype at DealerCamp and it felt pretty good in a quick parking lot test. Lever shape is nice and it has one of the best reach adjust knobs we’ve laid fingers on.

Weight is claimed at 434g per wheel (post mount, with 180mm rotor).

OEM placements will get a one-piece rotor, aftermarket kits will likely get this two piece rotor. Available in November in white or black, price TBD. Click on thru for more pics and the RevoX Carbon cantilevers…

2013 TRP Quadiem four piston disc brakes for mountain bikes

We’re waiting on final spec from TRP to learn piston diameters.

2013 TRP Quadiem four piston disc brakes for mountain bikes

2013 TRP Quadiem four piston disc brakes for mountain bikes

2013 TRP RevoX carbon fiber cantilever cyclocross brakes

Revo-X Carbon cyclocross cantilever brakes use flat sheets of carbon for the arms to come in at about 122g. That’s only about 10g lighter than the alloy ones, but they get ti hardware instead of stainless steel for even more bling factor.

2013 TRP RevoX carbon fiber cantilever cyclocross brakes

Independent spring tension adjusters let you easily center the pads over the wheel.

2013 TRP RevoX carbon fiber cantilever cyclocross brakes

They’ll be $279 for a set, available in white or fluorescent yellow.


  1. I dislike this company. If you look at the rotors you can see that they copied Magura storm SL on one piece design and AbsoluteBlack spider with Avid braking surface on 2-piece design. There is just to many similarities to say it’s entirely their own.

  2. ^^^^
    Does that really matter? I have a set of their black and chrome retro road levers, and they are beyond sweet.
    TRP makes some great stuff.

  3. Seth – how would you feel if i steal your bike? Same thing is with stealing the idea or shape.
    Regular consumer does not bother because it’s not his, he just want it cheap. But price does not come from nowhere…

    I wish you good luck when you invent something and then someone else will use it.

  4. So TRP is the Hyundai of the bike world?

    They make a decent quality product, but don’t do the innovation on their own; rather, tend to see what somebody else does and copy that.

  5. TRP did not stel Magura’s design. It is blatantly false to say otherwise. This fool probably just has an angst against Asian products.

  6. There’s not really a lot of different options for brake discs, i’m sure you’ll find lots of similiarities across the market. Basically a disc is a disc. the more important thing is the caliper design. if they copy that then you might have more of a point…

  7. Actually there are. Look around on all disc rotors and name 2 from different brands which are very similar. Every single company has it’s own pattern – Shimano, Sram, Ashima, KCNC, Formula, Trickstuff, Hope, Scrub, absoluteBlack Carbon-ti, Progress, New Ultimate, Alligator etc… Of course some brands are owned by others thus same rotor under different brand name- BUT it’s still within one company/owner.

    TRP from the other hand borrows others designs- look at top picture. You can say straight away that it’s Avid new friction pattern with few mods. They rely on people naiveness and memory to shape – lets do something similar to big brand so people will think it’s cool.

    Also if you think that disc is a disc then ok. I have tried almost everything on the market and can easily say that good rotor MAKE a difference. Grab yourself Magura Marta Storm SL disc for eg and i bet it will be 10 times better from what you have now.

  8. i wouldnt be surprised if all of avid’s brakes are made in trp factories. i wouldnt be surprised if trp was contracted for the engineering too. oh, except for trp brakes dont turkey gobble.

  9. I am sure Trp has a patent for their rotor design just like magura or absoluteblack do, you are clearly an idiot if you think drilled rotors or slotted rotors are so unique that once it has been done once it can never be done again. The drilling on the new avid rotors is not paired holes, the holes are offset. The cutouts on the Magura are trapezoidal (similar to previous avid rotors) the cutouts on trp one piece are the same width top and bottom. unless you design rotors for a living you should probably shut up, and if you do make rotors and feel like trp stole your design you should call your lawyer and still shut the hell up.

  10. Similar, not the same. And Greg is probably more spot on than most realize. TRP is part of Tektro, which makes brakes for a wide range of OEM and aftermarket suppliers.

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