Carbon-Ti’s new X-Monoring Titanium single chainrings replace the crank’s standard spider and are designed for Specialized carbon cranks, SRAM X0/X9/X7 and Cannondale Hollowgram SL and SI.

They’re available in 32/33/34/35/36 tooth counts and are compatible with all 10 and 11-speed groups on the market. By replacing the spider, it saves even more weight, and they say the titanium is far more durable than alloy chainrings. Prices and weights weren’t available.


They’ll come with mounting kits similar to this, you just shouldn’t need the bolts.


This is their double ring set up but gives you an idea of how they look on the cranks.


Their new X-Hub MTB SL hubs come in at just 108g front and 196g rear. They get a taller flange than before to provide better angles for 29er wheels.


They saved weight by doing a little extra machining on the outside ad giving it an oversize 7075 alloy axle. QR and 15mm front / X12 rear axles are available.


  1. That is awesome. I feel like I’ve been living under a cave after reading about these spiderless cranks. The absence of the spider arms totally makes sense as it is essentially the same design as the cogs sitting on the rear hub.

  2. problem with these is that they don’t have any offset. This means they will mess up your chainline as such ring is in position of biggest ring in triple.
    So using it as 1×9/10 or singlespeed will be tricky.
    I do own Canondale ring and it’s not that great i thought it will be.

  3. yes. same as on the second picture in this post. This ring is not new as it has been on offer for a year or two now. New ones are for Sram and Spesh i believe.

    My front ring is now in line with third cog on the back. Before it was middle of casette, so top gears are not running smooth anymore. I am trying to modify the axle to allow me to pus it more inwards but it’s not that easy.

  4. Only X-Monoring Ti (single) chainring showed in this article is new, X-Ring Ti Integral (double) was introduced exactly a year ago.

    The single-chainring has 2 mm teeth inner then the double just for work even better in every cross. Also the teeth height and shape are specially designed for single-charining.
    You can solve the chainline problem with the hollowgram with a shorter crankset axle (e.g. 128mm instead 132mm). For Specy and SRAM cranksets hasn’t been reported any chainline issue.

  5. Montic1- but 2mm is not enough i think. To get same chainline on let say Sram X-0 you have to offset it by 5mm at least. Homebrewcomponents faced same issue. They have made only 2mm offset and there is lots of people complaining on the chainline and chain devices beeing tricky to set up as ring is too much outboard. MRP bling ring have 4.5mm i believe and that fits better.

    as to my crank – i already have 128mm, so need to remove the lip from the axle and push it inwards by 3-4mm. But i agree that on double it is less visible than having a single ring up front.

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