2013 Crank Brothers Sterling and Gem mini pumps with high pressure and high volume pumps

Crank Brothers showed us a bunch of shiny new products at Eurobike.

They scrapped their older pumps and developed two completely new lines. The higher end Sterling pumps (silver) come with or without gauges. They have polished alloy bodies and a universal head with generously sized lever. The killer feature is the knob on the bottom that switches between high pressure and high volume. Prices range from $35 – $50.

The Gem line (colors) is a more basic mini pump with an adaptable head (twist open to fit Schrader) but keeps the sweet HP/HV dial on the bottom. Prices from just $20 to $22. Both models have a short and long length.

2013 Crank Brothers Sterling and Gem mini pumps with high pressure and high volume pumps

Twist the dial to pump up to 40psi in high volume mode or 40-100psi in high pressure mode.

2013 Crank Brothers Sterling CO2 cartridge pump head

The Sterling line includes a 16g threaded CO2 with Frost Guard finger protection. This is a prototype, the finished versions will have plastic inlays in the center of the shields to insulate your digits from freezer burn. Cartridges will be $3 each and a package with inflator and two cartridges is $20.

2013 Crank Brothers B-Series bit based mini tools

B-Series mini tools is a bit-based mini tool. Bits fit snugly in the swivel-out ends and slot into a magnetic driver on either side. Top model has every size you’ll need plus a chain breaker. Well priced at just $20 – $33.

2013 Crank Brothers Iodine 11 carbon fiber all mountain bike wheels

New all-mountain Iodine 11 carbon rim mountain bike wheels become the top level hoop for all mountain riding. Rim width is  21mm inside and it’ll ship with all axle adapters in the box. Retail is $2200 and it drops 215g from the Iodine 3.

2013 Crank Brothers Iodine 11 carbon fiber all mountain bike wheels

It gets a stealthy colorway unlike most of their other stuff. Crank Brothers says they’re super stiff with the carbon rim. Tubeless ready and 26″ only for now.

2013 Crank Brothers Mallet DH Race clipless pedals

The new Mallet DH Race brings back the original Mallet flat pedal shape. When they redesigned them a while back, the platform got smaller to be more of an all-mountain piece. Riders asked for a bigger platform so their Tevas wouldn’t roll off the edges and CB obliged.

Press fit design captures the eggbeater clip in section inside the machined alloy platform. It has a 5mm longer spindle than the regular Mallet with needle bearings on the outside edge and cartridge near the threads. Eight pins per side. $140 and 479g. It’s been race tested by Steve Smith, Steve Peat, Minaar, Danny Hart, Aaron Gwin, Jill Kintner and plenty more top World Cup racers.


  1. Why does Crank Bros continue to make such crap products? They look good in the box but fall apart shortly after you actually use them.

  2. Worst products ever. Pedals fall apart and the pumps…..I had 3 break in a row. Sure, warrantied everytime. But I don[‘t want something like a pump breaking.

  3. Crank Brothers have some awesome ideas, from concept to packaging. But the reality is their products fall apart. The quality of the box far surpasses the real life testing. Bushings instead of bearings……Pedals falling apart after 3 rides? Oh, here’s a rebuild kit……did I mention how many colors we offer……

  4. @Fraser C
    A Ti mini tool actually wouldn’t work all that well because Ti is a softer metal than steel, so if you would try to use those Ti bits on a bolt or screw it would quickly damage or destroy your fancy tool.

    Sure you could make them (and some people do), but they wouldn’t last for too long in regular use. You could use Ti (or CF) for non-load bearing parts though, and that should work well.

  5. For light corrosion resistant tools you cant beat lezyne.

    Also the HP/HV selector isn’t exactly news worthy, i’ve have one of them for years. (CB and still works great)

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