Teva has recently made a big push into the cycling industry with their line of freeride oriented shoes. While those of us who prefer flat pedals have been getting all of the love, Teva isn’t leaving those who prefer clips out in the cold.

Developed over the past two years in conjunction with Crankbrothers, their new shoes – the Pivot, will be targeted towards the all-mountain segment. “While virtually all other brands that make a “skate culture” cleat-compatible shoe tend to drill holes in the bottom of skate shoes, this shoe was specifically developed by the partners from the ground up.

You can check out our initial impression of the original Teva mtb Links here.


  1. Sweet news, thx Saris for the scoop!

    These babies will sell themselves right off the shelves and outta online stores, and quickly too as I, personally am okay with buyin these w/o trying bc there’s enough trust/confidence that it’s all good because it’s not only a Teva product but a crank bros one as well (tho ideally lets try em beforehand folks!).

    Looking forward to the other colorway 😉 😉 ;). Teva’s answer to stylin’ Jackson Pollock-like 5Ten’s freerider

    It’ll also be interesting to see who else buys these (rec riders, tourers who just like the look n design).
    Speaking of which, these had better be comfortable both to walk in and to buy (under $150).

  2. Mike: word.

    Well as long as CB isn’t making any of the parts or designing anything structural there may be hope yet. After all, they’ve always been good at making products that look cool.

  3. I doubt Teva would risk their reputation as a reliable shoe manufacturer if they were not 100% behind the reliability of Crank Brothers pedals. I would not be concerned as any issues that may develop are backed up by Crank Brothers 5 year warranty on all pedals level 2 and above and 2 years for level 1 pedals – something few other manufacturers offer these days.

    I think the shoes look great and offer a viable alternative to 5.10. Looking forward to seeing final production models and colours!

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