2013 Rockshox SID and Reba 650B - 27-5 suspension forks

Rockshox has just announced the addition of 650B / 27.5″ SID and Reba suspension forks, saying they’re not simply taller versions of the 26″ forks. They “utilize a chassis optimized for 27.5” wheels – including a specific crown offset, unique crown clearance and dedicated lower legs.”

Both get the Motion Control DNA compression damper and are available with either 9mm QR or 15mm Maxle Lite thru axle lowers. Both have 100-120mm internally adjustable travel and use a tapered alloy steerer – no World Cup carbon crown and steerer for now. The SID will be available with all four damping options (RL, RLT, XX and RC3 – conveniently described in our Unboxed post on the 29er SID). The Reba will come with either RL or RLT dampers, including the PushLoc remote. Travel is also 120mm.

Oddly, the SID RCT3’s claimed weight is 1630g with the Maxle Lite, but they list the Reba RL weight with 9mm QR at just 1536g. The QR is lighter than the thru axle, and the RCT3 is the heaviest damper control stack, just seems odd they wouldn’t weigh apples to apples.

Shipment of these model year 2013 products will begin in December 2012 with suggested retail prices of:
SID – $820-888USD (653-707€)
Reba – $673 USD (536€)

Color options are white, black or new Diffusion Black. Looks like no Keronite Gray to save a few grams.


  1. Let me know how that works out for you Mark. I too am also wondering what it’s like. The 69er idea was cool, but it didn’t quite work out right.

  2. Been riding 26/29 rigid, love it for smoother singletrack, but need some squish for the rougher stuff. Looking forward to 650b Reba build, with thru axle and PushLoc! I’m 5′ 8″ with BMX background and 29ers are just too long. So who makes nice steel 650b hardtail frames in the not-custom or Moots/IF category with a super short Honzo-like chainstays? I guess I could wait for the completes to grow beyond Jamis. No offense to Jamis, that’s actually what I’m riding now. It’s just I’m cheap, Reba’s like 4 hundo less than Fox, and I was impressed with the shock 4 years ago when I rode one.

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