Prologo introduced new CPC (Connect Power Control) panels on saddles and a new glove line that use a nano-structural elastic polymer in small, varied “volcano” shaped nubs. The tech has been used in Formula One and helicopter seats to reduce vibration, which is one benefit for cyclists. The other is grip, which helps riders stay in their optimal position without slipping…a particular plus for triathletes on the Zero TT saddle.

CPC will be on the Scratch Pro, Nago Evo, Zero TT and Zero II saddles. The material is non-irritating, non-allergenic and non absorbent, so it should remain grippy even on wet rides or rolling out from T1. Close ups after the break…





  1. I’m very interested, but I also have some lifespan concerns. The nubs are a type of rubber, but it looks thin and if they start to tear over time, will they lose their dampening properties. Also, does it eat lycra?

    And how much cost more does this add to the saddle?

  2. In my experience, anything that causes friction on lycra causes rapid wear to the lycra. The material is rubber and I’d put $ on it that it’ll wear the seat out of shorts quickly. On the upside, Prologo just came out with a new line of reasonably priced bibs! j/k

  3. I might go for those gloves. I like the idea they got going, but would hold out on the saddle until I see it really working out in practice.

  4. Ya, not sure about having that much grip on my standard road bike saddle but I’d love to give that TT saddle a go on my TT bike. It looks like it would pin you in place for some added power!

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