2013 Pinarello Dogma XC 29er mountain bike hardtail

The new Dogma XC 29e hardtail leaked out from one of their distributors a bit ago, then it got official, and now we’ve got some detail pics. It’s officially wild looking.

The downtube and chainstays are massive, and the frame makes full use of their asymmetric thinking. The seatstays are considerably thick, too, especially compared to the current crop of tapeworm-flat stays designed to add compliance to a frame. Frame is hi-mod 60T Toray 1K woven carbon that incorporates their NanoAlloy materials to strengthen the frame and keep it intact upon impact.

2013 Pinarello Dogma XC 29er mountain bike hardtail

Unique features include the Fork Stopper, which lets them get the geometry and handling the way they wanted…as opposed to running it at a steeper angle then flattening out to connect to the top tube.

The large downtube is flattened on the bottom to improve rigidity. Combined with the ability for the downtube to meet the head tube lower (thanks to the Fork Stopper), the design keeps the bike very laterally stiff. Note the slightly recessed headset on the top.

2013 Pinarello Dogma XC 29er mountain bike hardtail

2013 Pinarello Dogma XC 29er mountain bike hardtail

Seat clamp is another stand out. It’s designed to stop vibrations from the rear wheel from continuing through the frame. Flatter sections at the top flex slightly to minimize impact forces reaching the rider.

2013 Pinarello Dogma XC 29er mountain bike hardtail

The Dogma XC is asymmetric all over the rear end.

2013 Pinarello Dogma XC 29er mountain bike hardtail

The seat tube flares out to the full width of the BB on the non-drive side. Front derailleur is direct mount low.

2013 Pinarello Dogma XC 29er mountain bike hardtail

2013 Pinarello Dogma XC 29er mountain bike hardtail

Weight with SRAM XX build, Formula rotors, Crank Brothers cockpit and Fizik saddle, XTR pedals and a water bottle cage is 21lb 15oz (about 9.93kg).


  1. “Meh” to all of you! ; ) Finally a carbon hardtail that is clearly distinctive; you definitely cannot say it’s from an open source mold in Asia. And IMHO, I think it looks like a million bucks! (Unfortunately, that also happens to be the MSRP…)

  2. There’s an old engineering saying, “If it looks right, it probably is right”. This thing looks wrong on so many levels – it must be one of the ugliest pieces of industrial design this side of a porsche panamera…

  3. @Willis24

    When it comes to Pinarellos the saying …If you have to ask you probably can’t afford it….fits.

    For reference the Dogma 2 electronic road frameset is $6500. I’d guess $12k+ with XX here.

    Wouldn’t the rear tire break loose before you’d notice any advantage to asymmetrical chainstays?

  4. Just like the Dogma road bike, middle age wealthy Freds will flock to this bike because 1) It says Pinarello on it 2) Overt carbon shaping is something you can point at and say “look at the science on my bike” 3) because it says Pinarello on it

  5. I’m happy that some people find these frames attractive. Hopefully these uglies will find homes where they’re loved. I can’t for the life of me understand why the Italians are incapable of designing attractive carbon bike frames.

  6. When I saw it in pictures I said it was ugly, but after have it seen directly it’s pretty nice,
    and very different from any other bike, that for me is a good thing.
    The bike has a very good handling and it’s not uber stiff, I had a strong positive impression after a short ride.

  7. @Stratosfear

    Most people regard Italian style in exactly opposite fashion, which is why their engineers get away with extravagant prices. You don’t like it that’s fine. Not everyone has to go to art school to appreciate beauty.

    @Seymore Buts

    You’re just jealous that you can’t afford a bike even non-cyclists appreciate the looks of. I bet you’re salivating over those new Pinarello fixies though, eh? Maybe when your trust fund kicks in, hipster poseur.

  8. John the Reckoner-Thank you. You nailed it.
    I love how people bash product that they can’t afford. Those middle age Freds will kick your arse all over the mountain. Beautiful bike and yes I can afford it and it will be my third Pinarello.

  9. I own one i am a little overweight 51 years old….. however i kick my 20 yearold sons butt on the trails at times.. love the way it feels climbs like a mountaingoat kicks ass…ya it comes at a price worth every cent..

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