2013 BMC Gran Fondo alloy disc brake road bike and gravel racer

Introduced at Sea Otter as their cobble crushing contender, the BMC Gran Fondo started out as a one-model bike using Ultegra Di2 on a carbon fiber frame.

Walking around the Eurobike show floor a bit early, I spied several more models, including this disc brake equipped alloy Gran Fondo.

The frame looks quite similar to the carbon bike but gets a little more dirt road worthy tire spec. Perhaps it’ll be billed as a gravel racer. Click through for more detail shots and other bikes…

2013 BMC Gran Fondo alloy disc brake road bike and gravel racer

The seatstay/seat tube junction kinks up like the original carbon frame, and seatstays are super flat and tiny.

2013 BMC Gran Fondo alloy disc brake road bike and gravel racer

Rear end gets nice recessed fender mounts. Another mount is located on the chainstay bridge.

2013 BMC Gran Fondo alloy disc brake road bike and gravel racer

Rear disc brake mounts inside the rear triangle, which lets them keep the seatstays thin for better compliance.

2013 BMC Gran Fondo alloy disc brake road bike and gravel racer

Build kit is lower/mid level Shimano, including the brakes, with SRAM Rise 40 wheels.


The other news we can gather from their half finished booth is the addition of more carbon fiber options. This one’s spec’d with Dura-Ace 9000 mechanical.

2013 BMC Time Machine time trial bike

The Time Machine gets a slick new (at least we haven’t seen it yet) front end that hides some cables, and the Belgian themed paint scheme is always a crowd pleaser.

2013 BMC Time Machine time trial bike

2013 BMC Time Machine time trial bike


A close up look at the Impec robot woven carbon fiber tubes.


Gentleman George’s (Hincapie) road bike.


We’ll fill in with more details once the show starts. Didn’t see anything new on the mountain bike side, but the new 29ers that Marc reviewed (here and here) look fantastic in person.


  1. That is not a new front end for the Time Machine or TM01. That is the TMR01 which is an aero-road bike. Many team riders were riding them in the TDF.

  2. I kinda like these BMC frames, very different than the others out there. Regarding the specs though, I don’t get why so many companies are pushing the Ultegra DI2. Heavy Ultegra and Di2 seems like a weird combo imo. I’d rather have a mechanical high end group.

  3. Gerard – Could be, actually. I’ll swing back by their booth when the show is offically open and get the scoop. Good eye!

    IJBCape – The Ultegra Di2 works basically just as well as the Dura-Ace version but costs far less. It’s a pretty impressive group and really doesn’t weigh that much more. Note the DA mech equipped bike, though.

  4. With all that time and money to make the frame aero, why have the dura ace cables flapping around in the wind. They can make brake cables internal why not electrical cables.

  5. @Tyler…Gerard is correct, That is their new aero road bike… Similar to what Felt did with their AR a few yrs ago….A road bike loosely based off their TT bike. The Time Machine Road has been in (testing) use (with the BMC Team) foir many months. Numerous write ups regarding the bike are out there.

  6. This post makes me laugh. BikeRumor you are months behind on the new Time Machine Road bike, its been raced a few times already. The Gran Fondo is a CROSS bike, not a road bike. Could you use it as a road bike? sure but its a cross geared and has the same BB height and chainstay length that is pouplar on CROSS bikes.

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