This afternoon the California State Assembly approved a three-foot passing bill by a 50-16 vote.

If you’ve ever been hit or nearly clipped by a car – rejoice. The bill ensures that motorists must give cyclists a 3 foot berth when passing from behind.

Passing from behind accidents aren’t the most common type of car-bike collision, but they’re the leading cause of fatalities in California.

The bill establishes a base fine of $220 for injuring a cyclist in violation of this statute.

Once the Senate formally agrees to the technical amendments made by the Assembly, Senate Bill 1464 can be sent to Governor for signing.


For more visit the California Bicycle Coalition


  1. About time California, I was hit in San Diego and got the guys license plate and the officers didn’t do anything because it was my word against his and there was no damage on his car.

  2. Yeah, we have this in AR, but the rednecks can’t read. The cops can’t seem to read either because the law is either not enforced, or worse the cyclist gets a ticket for not being far enough over. Not kidding…

  3. We got this in MO a couple of years ago, though I haven’t heard anyone actually enforce it. I have noticed a small percentage of drivers moving farther over to pass, though that could just be confirmation bias.

  4. Like all such laws, this law does nothing to make anyone safer. We can’t pass laws to make things safer. This is yet another example of failed government policy. To be safer we must watch carefully for vehicles about to hit us, regardless of the law. Government cannot protect us.

  5. I commuted for 20 years in two dozen cities and was never hit once. 6 times in San Diego, all from behind. Everyone I knew that rode, swore off riding in SD after getting hit themselves at some point. Worst place to ride a bike on the road in the entire country as far as I’m concerned. Too many damn people, most of whom are high, drunk, on the run, or senile. While I’m happy for this law, since no one there pays attention to traffic laws as it is (ever heard of a turn signal, california?), I’m not sure how much effect it will have.

  6. Just a fine given to someone who hits you… That’s it?? Doesn’t make me feel any safer. Seems like the penalty would be higher for actually hitting someone. I wonder what the penalty is for hitting a pedestrian…

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