A while back, we half jokingly asked George Hincapie when his signature Gran Fondo would be. Turns out the answer is October. Here’s the info, we’ll see you there!

PRESS RELEASE: On October 27th cyclists and cycling fans are invited to celebrate the esteemed career of cycling legend George Hincapie at the Hincapie Gran Fondo in the Blue Ridge foothills of South Carolina. Cycling stars of the past, present and future will be joining the celebration, making for a fitting grand finale to Hincapie’s 19-year professional cycling career.

This year, Hincapie finished a record 17th Tour of Flanders and Tour de France while riding with the BMC Racing Team. His durability, tenacity and dedication to teammates made Hincapie one of the most respected riders in the cycling world.

The Fondo will start and finish at La Bastide, the 29-acre French country inn and estate in the Blue Ridge foothills recently purchased by Rich and George Hincapie. Adult riders will have three ride options—15, 50, and 80 miles—traveling along George’s favorite training routes ridden in preparation for races such as the Tour of Flanders, Paris-Roubaix, and the Tour de France. The peek of leaves changing color will ensure a scenic setting, while kids can participate in a ride of their own.

To send George Hincapie off in style, there will also be exhibitors, food vendors, kids rides and local bands.

The Hincapie Gran Fondo is sponsored by Hincapie Sportswear, Medalist Sports, BMC, Greenville Hospital Systems, Bonk Breaker and Oakley. Proceeds will benefit three Greenville charities including Meals on Wheels.


  1. I’m confused I thought a Gran Fondo was supposed to be a long ride?

    Is it also just a regular ride that is for fun and not competitive? If it’s not a long ride by definition, then why are there all these new frames designed with “gran fondo” in mind providing for “all day comfort” ? None of the listed routes are “all day” rides even for the slowest people on bikes who might ever find out about this!

  2. Yup, he is definately a RAT! He gets to ride off into the sunset with a Gran Fondo, keeps that clothing company going on his ” reputable” name, and Lance gets it all stripped away, keeping it classy all the way Big George.

  3. All the hate on George? Probably the classiest man in the peloton. If there is a rat in the Armstrong case, I assue you it isn’t just one. A case of this level will not be decided upon the the statements of an individual, rather a ruling like this would be based upon the accusations of a number of people, who were known to of been privy to the information they are disclosing. This is not a defense of USADA but rather of George. People can hate (haters are gonna) but to say that the timing of this makes him to blame for Lance’s situation with the USADA is ridiculous. I think the timing of this makes sense, 19 years in the peloton, 17+ Grand Tours, a oodles of top 10 finishes in the world’s most prestigious classics.

  4. Is this a closed course Fondo? If so, that’s a bargain price. I tried to answer my own question, but methinks George’s website for this is down.

  5. Hmmm. Mindless……..that screen name suits you well.

    It does seem as if the Gran version of this fondo is a bit short. The website doesn’t give a an ascent value for the entire ride, just for three different climbs, but those three climbs are pretty steep. Maybe they’ll publish more about the route.

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