2012 USA pro cycling challenge support vehicle

Photos submitted by Matt, “One of the Course Marshal vans.” More after the break.

Another Course Marshal van ready for a fun day.

mavic support vehicles from the usa pro cycling challenge

Mavic neutral support vehicles.

radio shack nissan trek vehicle usa pro challenge

Cool trailer from RadioShack-Nissan-Trek.

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  1. I want that trailer, I could put bikes in it, or a bed, maybe a small horse or a pony.. The pony would be have to be wearing black wrap-around sunglasses, smoking a cigar, and listening to R&B… my pony would be classy.
    lol – “Garage Sale” —-> Hincapie’s bikes

  2. The trailer is Airstream Basecamp toyhauler. It was originally developed as a concept in conjunction with Nissan (hence the team tie-in) and Airstream made them for a few years but discontinued it due to slow sales.

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