Oh hey, a new Chris Akrigg segment? Didn’t he break his leg? Now he’s back making everything look effortless. Now you’re stoked.

“What I love about racing Downhill is that you can ride pretty much any kind of bike, and as long as it has two wheels you can class it as training for Downhill; be it BMX, XC, Dirt Jumps, Skatepark or MX – and it’s all awesome fun! My Dad builds BMX tracks for a living (www.bmxtrackconstruction.co.uk) so I’ve always spent a lot of time on them. I think they’re great for bike handling skills and everyone should have a go on one – there’s not much better than manualling flat out down a straight over rollers! Cross country has also been a big part of my riding thanks to where I live and it has definitely helped with fitness for racing. As for the skatepark and trails it’s just good fun to mix it up… Enjoy!”

– Manon Carpenter

Cory Martinez’s segment from Can I Eat? is still ridiculous…years later.



  1. akrigg pretty much throws out all arguments on equipment choices i might’ve thought i had excuses for. damn it.

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