After introducing the tubular Fernweg aero wheels earlier this year, Lightweight has announced a clincher version to be shown at Eurobike. They also have a revised version of the premium Meilenstein (Milestone) tubulars that brings several improvements.

The Fernweg C borrows the aerospace tech used on the Meilenstein C wheels to combat heat buildup and give the wheels solid braking. This tech is put on the aerodynamic rim shape of the Fernweg, then modified to run clincher tires. The tubular version is running 16/20 spokes and has 81mm deep rims, we suspect these will be similar. Weight is 1540g for the pair. Pricing on both models shown here will be announced next week at Eurobike.

The Fernweg C and the new Meilenstein will work with the new 11-speed groups coming out and have a weiss (white) color option, too.


The Meilenstein gets an upgraded brake track using similar tech that the clincher received earlier this year. The carbon layup and resin mix was changed to improved heat tolerance. They also rounded the edge profile at the top of the brake track, which they say provides better impact resistance and improved aerodynamics on the trailing edge where it meets the tire. They also lowered the overall rim height top 47.5mm (down from 53mm). They’re claiming overall betterment in both straight line speed and in crosswind stability thanks to these changes.

Spokes are 16/20 and the wheelset comes in at just 1100g (475g front, 625g rear). Rim width is 20mm. While these are ultralight, Lightweight says they’re still the stiffest wheels they make. Unfortunately, they have a rider/bike system weight limit of 100kg, but that’s about 220lbs…meaning only a few folks will be left out.


  1. Clearly, someone is affording them. They’ve been around for long enough, and release enough distinctive models to have some serious cash for R&D. Also, the owner is incredibly nice and just a huge fan of bike racing in general. Definitely one of my favorite people to talk to at Interbike- not just a marketing drone.

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