Phil Wood Seat Collar

Phil Wood & Co. launched their new house machined seat collar today.  It’s made from a solid chunk of billet aluminum, and meets the same high standards the rest of their products are known for.

Sizes come in at 28.6mm, 31.8mm, and 34.9mm.  Purple ano should be your first choice, but if you need to match some other color scheme you can choose from silver, black, red, blue, green, pink, or orange.


  1. My seat collar is definitely not purple enough! These will be awesome. Was looking at a Thomson clamp, but purple Phil… what do i do?

  2. 28.6?
    I don’t think there’s a been a bike made in the last 15 years that uses a 28.6 seat clamp. if it’s steel and has a 27.2 post, then it’s going to use a 29.8 or 30.0. And no aluminum, ti or crabon frames would use that size

  3. Estimated price of $109.99 USD, purple ano cost an extra testicle. If you give both your nuts, you can get a deal on a second clamp, but doubtful you can afford the ano at that point.

  4. All Niner SIR9 and MCR9 frames use a 28.6 collar. Every frame that uses a 27.2 seatpost and 853 seat tube needs a 28.6 collar. Many custom frames use 28.6mm collars. 30.0mm collars don’t work for any of these frames without a shim…. I would say Phil Wood knows exactly what they are doing by offering that size.

  5. @ mike-

    Niner’s website says their steel frames use a 29.6 clamp.

    Using a 28.6 seat tube with no external butt AND using a 27.2 post only leaves you a .7mm thick seat tube where the post exits the frame, which basically all builders will tell you is a recipe for failure.
    Almost all steel frames made today that have a 28.6 seat tube and a 27.2 post have an external butt at the top which increases the diameter to 29.6-30.0.
    Older frames that used a smaller seatpost size. like 26.6 or 26.8, are okay to use a straight 28.6 with no butt- but I doubt too many of those bikes are a candidate for a Phil seatclamp.

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