bikerumor pic of the day 2012 6 Hours of Warrior Creek the winner of the Super Clydesdale Rigid SS Class

Photo of Buffy, winner of the Super Clydesdale Rigid SS Class at the 2012 6 Hours of Warrior Creek. He did one lap and pushed well over half of it on the back tire.

Inspired by Buffy’s persistence, Matt Adams finished the 2012 Battle of the Bikes race with no back tire. His photo after the break.

bikerumor pic of the day battle of the bikes race, greensboro, nc

Photo submitted by Jackie Bovine, “Taken on July 15, 2012 at Copperhead Trail in Greensboro, NC during the Battle of the Bikes Race. Racing Cat2, he finished the race on the rim.”

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  1. Dude I’m soo core. I finished the Cat 2 50+ race on my rim. Please you should get hit in the head with a tack hammer for that.

  2. hey guys how about giving the guy a break? this pic is about having heart and the fire inside to win. also this guy once saved two litters of kittens from a burning trailer. This pic should inspire but instead it seems to have a lot of estrogen flowing and crying for Oprah to return.

  3. Actually, Matt is the current leader in the Cat 2 40+ category in the Southern Classic Series, but was only leading by 74pts at the time of this race, so definitely had a vested interest in finishing. Not only did he finish, he managed 7th out of 16.

    Also, not sure at what point his tire came off, but I believe he rode at least one complete lap like this. At the point where this photo was taken, he had well over half a lap to complete before crossing the finish.

  4. I guess for most people it just doesnt make sense to destroy a couple hundred dollar rim just to finish a Cat 2 race in 7th…

  5. @off-roadie and Dan- Not everyone does everything because they are trying to be percieved as “cool” or “core.” You guys sound like two children who have never raced your bike.

    I get into the equipment aspect of this sport more than most, but I have no qualms destroying a piece of equipment if it means finishing a race instead of dropping out, and I’m probably much slower than a Cat 2 of any age category.

  6. Nothing wrong with having a warrior spirit grasshoppers… I think thats what both pics represent. The passion and the drive to keep going when others would simply stop and make an excuse or deem it… “not worth it”.
    There is no wrong way to ride a mtn bike. carry on.

  7. @Psi Squared and @Substance: Bravo! Couldn’t agree more with your rebuttals. Well said!

    I too am a mid-pack Cat 2 (MTB) and Cat 4 (CX) racer. I race for the camaraderie and to push my own limits / comfort zone. I have no illusions about winning, and (quite fortunately) my income does not depend on my racing results. Both of these guys exemplify what I try to model for my three sons: don’t ever quit, don’t ever give up. One’s character is defined in life by how you react when things go pear-shaped, not by how you are when everything’s going just peachy.

    Whom would I rather hold up as an example to my boys: Buffy (check the smile despite the taco’d rim!) and Matt (refusing to quit, sans tire) or some type AAA, spoiled brat Cat 1 stomping off the course when a mechanical ends his chance for a podium? Easy choice.

  8. I think both of these guys have “The Spirit”! My 1st post was just a dig at Matt, who is obviously very competitve. He must be – he’s still riding a 26″ wheel (and doing it well!) while many others have moved on to newer, supposedly better, technology. But I digress…

    Now the big guy, Buffy, that’s true spirit! We need more guys like him around to promote the sport and show others that it’s good for you to get off your butt and ride! Dude looks like a big ‘un! And riding a rigid, SINGLE SPEED to boot! He’s a tough MF’er, no doubt!

  9. Actually Matt is riding a new prototype. A 26″ in the front and a 24″ in the back. I guess you could call it a 46er. yeah they big guy named Buffy is tough but fights dirty. Almost bite TRB’s nipple off in street fight in front of Walmart last summer. It was all over a Rascal Crash Up Derby match. Anyway no one i mean one wants for their son to model their behavior after Buffy. Once again NO ONE! He actually tried to trip Matt while he was saving the kittens.

  10. Eh, normal stuff. Racing spirit, meh. I’d be stuffing those leaves into the tire before I ride on the rim and ditch the tire and tube somewhere… unless he thought it was cool to race start to finish like that.

  11. I do not make Doctor/lawyer money, however i love riding my bike, these pictures exemplify all things that i love when it comes to mountain biking.. Who cares about a 100 dollar rim when you are having fun… as long as you are having more than $100 worth of fun.. then go ahead and ruin that rim… and to all the haters… go ride your favorite trail sans tire, on a rim you dont care about…. i can almost guarantee that you will have more fun than riding it on a brand new tire and rim….

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