Eddy Merckx Cycles 2013 ETT Time Trial Framekit

We’ve been hinting at the full release of Eddy Merckx’s new ETT frame paired with the new Merckx 525 road bike. Designed in conjunction with Lexus as a time trial and triathlon bike, it looks phenomenal, and all the details just arrived.

Constructed from a high quality 500 Gpa carbon fiber, it’s being sold purely as a frame kit. Compatible with electronic cable routing, included is the Merckx branded ETT frame with ETT aerofork, integrated stem, a 1 1/8-1 11/2 headset, integrated TRP brand TTV brakeset, and two seatposts (a zero offset and reversible offset). The two seatposts allow for fit adjustment. A zero offset sits at 75° for TT positioning, while a reversible offset seatpost ranges from 72°-78° for triathlon positioning.

The big tech on this model is Merckx’s new Venturi Powerbox Technology. Three slabs of carbon are removed from the downtube, venting the bottom of the frame. Merckx claims that this cuts down drag, speeds up and simultaneously stabilizes the bike. Pricing is 3,495€. That’s about $4,300 at current exchange. Click ‘more’ for geometry…

Eddy Merckx Ett Frame 2013 Time Trial Triathlon Geometries

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  1. I am sorry, but, why the hell would you want to be seen on this chunker when you could be shredding singletrack(ALONE) in the woods, give it up. Get over seeing how fast you can ride on a track made for a car and go shred the buff trails in the woods and release you soul away from society!

  2. i mainly ride street, downhill, and trail – but i did road for a solid season with a 150ish+ miles a week. i get you on the mtb thing yo – but i promise that getting a group of 3+ strong riders each pulling in the front of a riding line as hard as they can, as long as they can with no more than a foot separating front and back wheels going 30ish mph on flat road is pretty damn fun

  3. I’m not generally a fan of Tri or TT bikes. They all too often look unbalanced like they’re about to fall over on their noses, but leave it to the Italians to make a vehicle sexy..

  4. I am sorry, but why would you want to bounce around on a noisy, heavy, old mountain bike when you could ride this smooth, beautiful machine as far as the heart desires?

  5. @Louis…not traditional brakes…integrated TRP mini v’s…ditto for the fork…I will agree that the cabling is poorly thought out & executed.

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