chances of making it to the summer olympics infographic

According to this infographic from ecollegefinder, you narrow your chances of becoming a Summer Olympic athlete if you participate in the sport of cycling–especially if you’re a woman. Men have a 1 in 215 chance, and women have a 1 in 64 chance! Worst odds? If you play basketball – both men and women have a 1 in 45,487 chance of making it to the summer Olympics. Click to see the details.

Thanks to Jenn for the tip!



  1. I’d think the best way to increase your chances of becoming an “Olympic Athlete” would to be change your citizenship to a country with a less competitive pool of athletes in your particular sport.

  2. It’s clearly rubbish. They claim it represents the chances of a U.S. high school-aged athlete competing in the olympics. How many U.S. high school-aged cyclists are professionals? I believe the number is zero.

  3. S. Molnar..not sure what you’re basing that statement on. There are SEVERAL High school age cyclist that are competitive at the professional level.

  4. i think paramount would be starting off by choosing your birth parents. this may determine how long you can sit in the hurt locker and come out a rockstar.

  5. “yeah right” – I admit I tend to focus on men’s road and track, and know nothing of the more recently included events. I believe the youngest male rider ever to turn pro on the road was 18 (an age at which I was out of high school, but I would count that if he had been American and selected, which he wasn’t). Could you give me examples of high school-aged cyclists who had a legitimate chance of being selected for the U.S. olympic cycling team this year?

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