Castelli CX Skin Suit BlackThe Castelli San Remo SpeedSuit has been on the roads for a year and it looks fast. Now, Castelli is offering a fresh CX version.

They made a couple changes for the San Remo CX. To keep the rider warm, the arms are extended to 3/4 length and the collar has been raised a bit higher. Also, to account for rapid remounting, the seatpad has been shifted back so it doesn’t catch the saddle. A zipper with an easy grab tab is full length and the jersey-shorts combo is sewn at the waist while leaving the front open.

On top of the standard Castelli designs, they’ll make kits custom for teams that want to represent while looking crazy fast. Pricing is $349 standard, $250 custom with 3/4 sleeve and $270 custom with full sleeve. Availability is set for mid-September and you can pick one up here.

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Castelli CX Skin Suit Leg Rear

Castelli CX Skin Suit Open


  1. Nice to finally see a non-custom CX skinsuit. Seems a little pricey, but to be expected I guess.

    Especially like the hip-pop in the last photo….

  2. Custom is probably cheaper because of a team discount, but I’m sure there’s a minimum order required, maybe 10 or 15 pieces…

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