These images of a weld free Devinci Wilson, posted on the company’s Facebook, indicate a carbon frame will soon be available to the masses. Our first hint that the Canadian company was contemplating a full carbon DH bike was the introduction of a carbon swingarm on the Wilson for the 2012 production year. The company claimed that the wee bit of carbon created a frame which was 35% stiffer!

While we don’t have the frame weight of the 2012 Wilson with carbon swing arm handy, I can tell you that a  size large frame (sans shock), with the aluminum swingarm weighs 3935 ( 8.7 lbs). Typically, with carbon DH frames, you can expect a weight savings of around a pound over the aluminum version.

We’re looking forward to seeing Steve Smith slay at his next world cup appearance, and will keep you updated as news trickles in. Expect the typical “lighter, stiffer, and just plain faster.” 


  1. I’m guessing e-commuter bikes, maybe for a bike share program. There’s a weird slot at the BB. Front end is dress friendly. The design makes you want to try it out. Beefy enough to withstand some abuse from some naughty and bored adolescents. Heavy enough to discourage doing tricks which involve wheels leaving the ground.

    Well, that’s all I got for guesses. Anyone else have better?

  2. Those are Bixi bike share frames. These bikes are showing up around the world in city bike share programs. The first Bixi was in Montreal and are built in Quebec.

  3. Having never ridden a Wilson I can’t speak as to the performance but, man, that is one gorgeous bike. Hats off to their design department for keeping it classy and not plastering their brand all over every available surface. Other companies would do well to note this.

    As for the giant mystery bikes, I’m going to second the bike share program bikes suspicion. I believe the bike share fleet we have here in Boston is made by DeVinci, so it seems like a fair guess.

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