bikerumor pic of the day riding scree at the durango dirty century

Photo submitted by Jeff Kerkove, “Navigating trail at mile 70 at 12,000 ft during the 2012 Durango Dirty Century; a 100 mile self-supported and self-navigated backcountry mtb race. Video here.”

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  1. “She asked me why, so I went on and showed her…”

    -R.L. Burnside (paraphrased slightly)

    When people wonder why I get insta-wood when Durango is mentioned, I’ll just show them that video now rather than try and explain it.

  2. Jeff Kerkove sucks. He sucks up all the sponsorship and free stuff that should go to people who actually get results. And he tries to live in the “social media” realm of Pro racing, case in point here. His only recent win is chasing down a SSer that kicked his butt in VT125 on everything except the flat run home. A couple years ago. Why is this guy sponsored?

    Looney is the real deal though, but I’m afraid recently wrongly influenced by Kerkove into doing dumb enduro stuff she shouldn’t. But glad to see her doing Leadville this in a week’s time. Can she hang with Rebecca? Let hope she can.

  3. The section of the video where he rides the spine of scree is terrifying. I don’t shy from danger, but I’d have walked that for sure. Err = certain death = walk, ATMO.

  4. @Whatever

    Can’t tell if you’re serious or joking, but if you’re serious, sounds like you should be b*itching at the sponsors, not the rider. It also seems he has had consistently good results, whether they are wins or podiums so not sure what the beef is.

  5. @Whatever Really man? Not sure what the issue is. Podiums or not, I really enjoy following Jeff and Sonya. They are damn good peeps, who kick ass! I really like the XC folks (Todd Wells, JHK, etc) as well, but you don’t see them racing in Nepal or on the CTR. That, is more interesting to me than 6 laps on a 5 mile course!

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