Becky Stern is a former contributor over on the Craft: blog. Now she’s dreaming up ideas for Adafruit, an electronics parts and kit supplier. Inspired by Mitchell Silva’s GLO-BARS, she came up with an easy way to replicate it using some led tape, heat shrink tubing (gasp!) and clear handlebar tape (wow, you’ll never complain of “sloppy wrap” again!).

The video is super easy to follow, and the list of ingredients easily attainable. I think the light produced when wrapping the led tape around the handlebars is a bit too bright and might obscure the cyclist’s vision at night. However, this would be a great project for under the handlebars, or along the frame.


  1. So the LED tape is multi directional. How do you actually see in the dark when your handlebar tape is shining in YOUR eyes?

  2. We’ve got a guy who comes into the shop every now and then who has a bike done up FULLY in LED lights and cut out lexan bits that show little pictures and all that. He is one of the nicest customers we have, loves answering questions about his bike and what he’s done, but I think if I show him this he’ll say “LED Bartape? That’s just weird.”

  3. I think I’ll just stare at a bright light for a few minutes before riding at night instead of going to all the trouble make handlebar LED’s with which to blind myself.

  4. “might obscure the cyclist’s vision at night.”

    Exactly. Kind of neat idea but also completely stupid for said purpose. One of those things that most people say “hey, what about (x)! oh, yeah, bad idea”

  5. This is a great idea! I expected to find a ready to use L.E.D. bar wrap available to buy instead I only found this video. Somebody make it please! I’d love to have this much visibility while riding after dark . A reusable L.E.D. under-layer or a lights-in-tape “throwaway” version would be bueno.

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