Speedsleev, which makes the compression tube and/or gel holder that can mount anywhere on your bike, is developing a new saddle mounted version to hold the essentials for a complete ride.

Somewhere between a traditional seat bag and a ByeKyle Simplestrap, the Speedsleeve seat pack has elastic slots for a tube, CO2, tire levers and a mini tool (or whatever else you want to sub in). Once in, the Velcro elastic straps wrap around the seat rails then around a cover to cinch everything down tight. There’s no strap around the seat tube required, which means less possible rubbing on your shorts or anything to mar the finish of the component (put a seat bag on a titanium post and you’ll know what we mean!).

This initial version is intended for road bike stuff, and they’re working on a beefed up model for mountain bikes. Pricing will be announced at Interbike, but expect it to be pretty cheap, particularly compared to some upper end seat bags. More pics after the break…



The cover is made of a boat sail ripstop fabric and simply wraps around the pack before the straps are stretched around the bottom. This keeps things protected from road crud, and gives you a place to throw a few bucks for that aprés ride café.


  1. Good idea. Moving parts in a saddle bag are annoying. I’m gonna fire up the sewing machine and make one out of an ace bandage myself.

  2. Looking forward to the official launch at IB. I’ve heard rumors of a more streamlined version with no cover needed and I can’t wait to try it out for myself. Keep it up boys!

  3. I have the Speedsleev nutrition sleeve. This is a great simple idea with quality materials that will be truly hard to replicate as well for the price. Can’t imagine the reason to try and spend time/effort to fake one.

  4. Cool! Wish they would do a speed sleeve similar to hold stuff like the Arundel Dual bag, which holds two tubes, two CO2s, room for a chain tool, tire levers, etc.

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