Feeling inspired by the Olympics and all the shots of rolling English countryside? Well, you can feed that inspiration with George Mahood’s “adventure cycling” book: Free Country. This book is an account of George and his friend Ben riding bikes 1000 miles from the bottom of England, Land’s End, to the top of Scotland, John O’Groats – without spending any money and without any gear, …or clothes (even shoes!). They started out just as you see in the photo above with only their Union Jack boxer shorts. Their trek could only be made possible by the kindness of strangers and their willingness to ask for help from anyone – tourists, farmers, pub owners, even a boat outfitter.

George sent me a copy claiming it’s the 3rd best selling cycling book on Amazon in the UK – I can’t see why it won’t become the 3rd best selling in the US either. It’s a great read, alternately fueling your desire for adventure – and extinguishing it. This book is not about the bike, it’s about the journey.

You can get it from Amazon in paperback for $15.68 or for kindle for $2.99.


  1. Have just finished reading Free Country! An excellent read and my sides are still hurting from laughing so much!
    Thanks for an entertaining 3 day read in my home in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
    Warmest Regards
    Adrian Connor

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