Loeka, a Vancouver B.C. based company specializing in women’s mountain bike garb, has announced a new line of fully recyclable clothing. In conjunction with their new clothing line, they will be accepting all of their previous products for recycling.

All clothing returned for recycling will be reused to extend the fabric lifespan. The items will be up cycled into bags, clothing and merchandising. In addition, any winter items that are still in good condition, will be donated to women in need.

Customers will be able to return any Loeka Clothing item to the company or to any participating dealer to be reused and recycled. For recycling their old Loeka clothing, customers will be rewarded with a 10% off coupon to be used towards their next purchase.

By recycling every piece of Loeka clothing they’ve made, the company claims they could reduce CO2 emissions by 80%, and reduce overall energy consumption by 84%.

Head over to Loeka to check out their full line up of awesome women’s gear.


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