2013 Scott Speedster alloy aero road bike

Scott Sports is pushing the concept of aero bikes, betting heavily on aero being the new light.

They introduced the pro-level carbon fiber FO1L road bike a while back, but in order to promote the concept to everyone, Scott’s US Marketing Manager Adrian Montgomery admitted they needed something at lower price points.

The new Speedster Aero is takes the shaping and research from the FO1L and brings “aero for everyone” with an alloy frame. They also have a new aero helmet, along with a standard lid, all pictured and weighed…

2013 Scott Speedster alloy aero road bike

The downtube has a very similar 3:2 ratio FO1 shape as the FO1L. That shape is a somewhat pointed tear drop shape that’s a heavily truncated Kammtail, essentially without a tail (tube profile diagrams on the FO1L article, linked above).

“The problem with making a square edge at the rear of the tube is that it transfers vibration more readily to the rider,” said Montgomery. “So the rounder tube profile damps road buzz better.”

2013 Scott Speedster alloy aero road bike

Head tube gets a slight “bull nose” shape to control the air separation a bit. The seat tube stays round to accommodate standard seatposts, but the seatstays get a FO1 shape, too.

2013 Scott Speedster alloy aero road bike

The complete bike came in at 19lb 9oz with Ultegra, 105 brakes, DT Swiss wheels and a Syncros cockpit. Yep, that’s right, since Scott’s acquisition of Syncros earlier this year, they’ve developed road bike components. More on that later. Price point level of $1,200 to $2,500 across a few models.

2013 Scott Split TT triathlon aero helmet

New Split TT aero helmet comes with a removable optics shield and retails for $230. Claimed weight is 325g, presumably without the visor as this one weighed in at 382g. White or black. Uses a longer FO1 shape with exhaust port that creates a Venturi effect to pull air in from the front and out the back.

2013 Scott Vanish lightweight road and mountain bike helmet

Sold in Europe for a couple years, the new VANISH EVO model gets CPSC approval and comes in at a claimed 230g.

2013 Scott Vanish lightweight road and mountain bike helmet

Has a micro adjust ratchet system with silicone pads. Body is made up of “Conehead” (cone shaped) dual density EPS foam to spread impact load (kind of like this one). Two position retention height. Four colors. $160.

Expecting more? Scott’s big news for the year was the launch of the completely redesigned Genius 27.5 and 29er mountain bikes, which are presented here and ridden here. Look for bigger news on the road front in the future.


  1. still a 300 dollar Chinese frame , when is the consumer gonna wake up and find out the truth about all this Cr4p made in the same factory with some nerd in america coming up with some weird technical words to wow clueless jack who is about to bu his first road bike.

  2. @ali- Have you ever heard the quote- “It’s better to be silent and be thought an idiot than to open ones mouth and erase all doubt”?

    First- Scott is a Swiss company, not an American one. Second- Alloy frames out of Asia are typically around $100 and the big manufacturers are not buying off the shelf. They have engineers who actually do the engineering and their manufacturing partners in Asia will execute to the exact tolerances that a given brands engineers specify.

    Lastly- Crap comes from all countries not just China.

    Bicycle companies and their engineers are the ones responsible for the details (engineering parameters), not the manufacturing company. The only big brand that is responsible for both is Giant. They are the only ones who own both the brand and the manufacturing facilities and they make for Colnago, Canyon, Trek and Scott in addition to their own product.

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