POC DH and Trail elbow and knee pads with hard or soft shells

For 2013, POC is delineating their body armor into new DH/hardcore pads and protection and the existing, lighter duty pads, now called Trail.

Both have the VPD 2.0 padding that hardens on impact, but the DH models get a hard shelled polycarbonate outer layer. The benefit is that in particularly gnarly or high speed wrecks, the hard surface will help you slide a bit rather than twisting, turning and tumbling, which could result in more serious injury.

Knee pads will come in short and long versions. Retail should be $110 for the elbow pads and $130 (long) and $120 (standard). Trail versions are $10 less. They’ll start shipping in January, possibly just before.

They also showed us a catalog image of the Crane, a new helmet, and we snapped a pic…

The new Crane helmet is a more technical version of the Receptor. It’s lighter and will come out around Interbike. It’s a DJ/Trail type helmet with a thicker-than-usual, harder outer shell to spread the impact with a soft density EPS liner that’s segmented and puzzle-pieced together to slow head movement. Strap mounts pivot for easier adjustability. Vents are pretty big, too. It’ll come in white, black, red, green, blue and lead colors. Retail should be $120.

There’s another new helmet coming soon, and it’s not at all what you’d expect from POC. That’s all we can say for now…


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