2013 Tifosi Radius and Veloce cycling sunglasses

Tifosi continues to pump out new styles for cyclists. The Radius (left) builds on the popularity of their smaller styles like the Jet and Seek, but has a more aggressive design for small faces. Veloce is a new model with more standard cycling style with interchangeable lenses and adjustable nose and ear pieces.

2013 Tifosi Dolomite 2 and Duro cycling sunglasses

The Dolomite (left) has been their most popular full frame style, it gets resigned with adjustable nose and ear pieces. Duro is a new lifestyle piece that’s more fashion forward but still has the grippy nose and temple pads and vents in the lens.

2013 Tifosi Podium and Logic cycling sunglasses get brighter colors

The Podium and Logic both get brighter color options for 2013. All models generally range from about $40 to $80 depending on lenses.


  1. Quality and affordable indeed.
    I am one of many who had the original Dolomite. Used to rest on my cheeks because the nosepiece was so wide, but I got along with them until I effectively replaced them with something else. The adjustable features of the 2.0 is raising interest. Very robust pair and could be dropped with minimal aesthetic damage.
    Also have the Logic, and ended up getting fancier eyewear to replace them, but I still have them around because they fit so well.

    If the Podium gets more lens options and frame colors I might be pressed to get a 3rd pair of rimless cycling sunglasses just because.

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