Following the recent trend in cycling that new standards offer distinct advantages, Fit Bikes is introducing a new 24mm spindle size. The company claims this new standard is loads stronger, adds no weight, and has numerous other benefits. The new Indent cranks weigh the same 30.85 oz as the classic 19mm spindle version, but will allow a 15/16 center bore sprocket to slide on without a spacer. The new cranks are left and right hand compatible, feature sprocket bolt locations for microdrive and regular chainwheels, and will be available in 3 sizes and colors. Pick yours up in a 165mm, 170mm, or 175mm in either black, white, or chrome for $169.99 MSRP. The cranks are sold with a mid-bb kit (which retails separately for 29.99). The 24mm bearings are reportedly as durable as the standard 22mm bearing, as it utilizes the same internals.

Check the video for the full low-down. The clip features some of Fit Bikes best riders doing some awesome “product testing.”


  1. They would have been much better served by switching to Spanish bottom bracket size. Saves like 100g overall, nicer looking, and more then strong enough with 22mm spindle.

    Love my Flybikes.

  2. I know they claim that the bearings are the same strength, but a bigger spindle with the same outside diameter bearing, makes for a small bearing. Hmm

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