Eric Porter’s been playing around with this design for a while, and this version three is close to the final spec.

The name stand for Diamondback 4 Life, and it’ll have 8″ of travel with massively oversized pivot axles and bearings. Right now, the front shock mount has two positions to change geometry, and that feature might make it into production. They’ve played with a three position mount, but said it’s a feature they put into the test mules so they could play with different geometries. Porter says the linkage design is based on their Knucklebox suspension and has a bottomless feel without actually bottoming out.


On final production, the hardware will all face the non-drive side for easy access without removing the crankset.


Rear dropouts have been trimmed down to the minimum. The rear shift cable runs through the seatstay.

Porter says there’s no rush to bring it to market, they’re going to take their time to get it dialed but “hopeful sometime in 2013.”


  1. cuanto pesa ?, no se olviden de agregarle encastres o zocalos para configurar, inflador, porta caramañola x2, luces delanteras y traseras.

    Es fundamental, para cuando se corre, muchos kilometros, llevar estos componentes adicionales.
    Un saludo soy usuario, tengo un modelo 2012 db4L, lo unico que estoy por cambiarle es el amortiguador trasero, no me deja sastifecho el comportamiento.

    Desde Argentina, la he comprado para correr la carrera de 54km en el cerro los guanacos Yacanto Cordoba Argentina. si hay más novedades, pasen los news, gracias.

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