k-edge pro chain catcher

K-Edge’s original chain catcher used the front derailleur’s braze-on mount Ti hold itself in place. This mean you had to adjust its angle and position at the same time you’re adjusting your front derailleur, then tighten down the clamp while holding it all in place.

The new Pro version uses a small oblong hole for the smaller bolt to adjust and hold the chain catcher. Once you’ve installed your front derailleur, you simply slot the Pro Chain Catcher over the mounting bolt, then tighten down the small bolt to hold it in place. The oblong hole provides about a centimeter of adjustment at the bottom of the guide.

It’s about 8g and will retail for $39.95. It’ll debut at the Olympics on Kristin Armstrong’s TT bike, but won’t be available to you until October. Why so long? Because they have four CNC machines running 20 hours a day to barely keep up with demand for their new Garmin mounts.

The original drops in price to $29.95.


Their Ki2 conversion kit for running Di2 on a mountain bike gets an update. With Shimano’s new E-Tube single-wire system on the Ultegra Di2 and second generation Dura-Ace Di2, they had to reprogram the climber’s buttons to talk to the front derailleur, too. The good part is that they’re now plug and play instead of having to be hard wired in.

And yes, this is electronic shifting on a fat bike from Alaska’s 9:Zero:7.


  1. CRAP!! I wish I would’ve thought of the garmin mount idea. Then I’D have CNC machines running 20 hours and mad loot.

    Good to hear my back order is on it’s way though.

  2. Garmin mount just screams to be made from a high strength reinforced nylon. Lighter weight, much easier production (4 cnc machines going 24 hours = tons of $$$), fewer and more environmentally friendly finishing steps (just a laser etch instead of tumbling/polishing/bead blasting -> cleaning -> anodize -> laser etch), and way, WAY cheaper piece price for a much higher margin.

    And from the look of it, it wouldn’t be very hard to modify for moldability either – a few fancy shutoffs, but it would be an open->shut tool.

    So, uh, KCNC, let me know if you want a plastics design engineer to get that ready for you. Hell, I even have a US based tooling/molding shop that does absolutely beautiful work if you want me to manage the whole project for ya….

  3. JB— I believe that what your speaking of already exists- “Bar Fly” designed by Woody Tate from Above Category.

  4. @CBCycle – it does, but the industrial design is TERRIBLE. Just brutal. The Quarq looks nicer but appears a bit flimsy to me, and doesn’t offer the nice adjustability of the KCNC. Either way, all of ’em are overpriced! Amazing the market can bear 3 options for aftermarket computer mounts though.

  5. I know a few people who own the Bar Fly and love it. And judging by the availability I think that that a consistent trend. There really isn’t any additional adjustability with the “K-Edge” besides the forward back adjustment which in my experience isn’t really needed. I do agree though that they are overpriced!!!

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