Volagi disc brake road bike with internal cable and wire routing and small 47 size

Volagi has updated their frames with internal routing for both mechanical and electronic routing. It’s a running change that becomes the second generation Liscio and will start shipping soon.

The other big change to the frame is a move to 135mm rear spacing, bringing it inline with trends.

Co-founder Robert Choi says the frame weight is about the same despite the changes.

They’ve been testing the TRP Parabox extensively for use as a stock option. And by extensively, we’re talking ever since its introduction. They opted not to spec the first generation of it, but after working with TRP to develop better bleed procedures (they recommend using the Jaguar Pro Bleed Kit, QBP part no. TL0121 if you’re interested) and even swapping in Shimano resin pads for better heat resistance. They’ve been abusing them and are finally ready to offer it as an upgrade option next month.

Volagi disc brake road bike with internal cable and wire routing and small 47 size

Front covers will be available for either wires or cable housing. The internal hose routing for the brakes has full length internal 6mm diameter tunnels to make installation super easy. That FRS both mechanical and hydraulic brake lines.

One of the issues with going to 135mm rear spacing was heel strike. To minimize the issue, brake cable routing will move to the inside of the chainstay. It’ll use custom made TRP calipers since the originals run the input on the outside. Picture coming.

Volagi disc brake road bike with internal cable and wire routing and small 47 size

A cover will hide cables/wiring on the bottom and provide easy access. This isn’t final production shown. Note te two different battery mounts. Di2 goes on the chainstay, EPS on the downtube.

Volagi disc brake road bike with internal cable and wire routing and small 47 size

Internal routing goes all the way to the back.

Up top is the new 47 frame size. It’s tiny. Top tube length is about 49cm and standover is about 73cm. Fork gets a 4m rake, moving the wheel slightly forward for better toe clearance.


  1. Glad to see the rear spacing change. That was my one hesitation with the bike because the market was already moving in that direction.

  2. The other hesitation… they’ve sold like 30 Gen 1 bikes, right? Don’t see them lasting much longer. Volagi, please correct me if you’ve actually sold more.

  3. @whatever, I can assure you we have sold a lot more than 30 bikes. We have single dealers that have sold more than 30 bikes. Just wait until the Viaje hits the market this fall, the bike is killer. We appreciate your concern, but after enduring everything we have so far, we’re not going anywhere.

  4. Hey, Volagi. It’s good to see you move to 135 as that will open up more possibilities for wheels for future Volagi owners. I’m already having impure thoughts about a Volagi accessorized with Evne rims laced to White Industries upcoming (they’ve been shown) road disc hubs. Have you checked yet to determine the compatibility of your new internal routing with Campy EPS systems?

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Good to hear. 2013 will be crowded. Good luck. P.S. Psi, White’s new road disc is 130. But, of course, they’ve had a bulletproof (heavier) 135 for a long time.

  6. I’ve always been curious about Volagis rotor and caliper combo choice. I’d love to spend a day at their offices picking their brains. Someone should make a coffee table book.

  7. Why don’t they just move road bike straight to 142×12? I bet it can be made to be as light and easy to change as the QR. And the added stiffness sure should help for disk brakes.

    They should also adopt 12mm front axle, 15mmm from mountain bikes is probably a bit large.

  8. @psi, new Volagi frames will be 100% EPS compatible. There will be two battery mounts, one for Shimano, on for Campy. Everything else is the same. Campy NA actually brought over the Athena EPS this morning to go over the details.

  9. Volagi is certainly moving in an exciting direction… disc brakes, comfort oriented, ready for upcoming integrated hydraulic levers and maybe one day, an electronic & hydraulic gruppo. Sounds like a bike for the future. Keep it up, Volagi!

  10. Brilliant. Even more determined to own one now. Just waiting on their availability in Aus which is meant to be Setember some time.
    Am using the TRP Parabox on my current bike, so will be sticking with this or even the TRP Hywire system !!!

    Can’t wait, but I’ll have to 🙂

  11. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with riding a drop-bar hybrid, but what people are willing to spend to hide from themselves the fact that they are riding one blows my mind.

  12. @waterglass Indeed, there are plenty of lightweight 29r hardtails out there, with all those feature and then some.

  13. “One of the issues with going to 135mm rear spacing was heel strike”. Can someone please explain how a difference of 2.5mm per side is even noticeable, let alone having to adjust cable routing?

  14. I really like the look and concept of these bikes. I would love to buy one as a commuter but I wish it had eyelets to mount fenders and a rear rack. Wishing it’s possible one day.

  15. It’s a cool bike, but I don’t get the 4cm fork rake. So, I checked out the Volagio website and the geometry of the frames were kinda weird. The listed rakes are actually 48mm, which is not common so you don’t actually know if the fork is a road fork or cyclocross fork. I dont know why they won’t publish the axle to crown height of the fork. People spending this kinda money are usually well informed. So, I don’t get what the big secret on this is. It probably has driven a few customers to look at some of their emerging competitors.

  16. Question: how do you steer a bike with 5mm stem ( 1st foto)??? you dont

    Will Specialized be suing them for this one now !!!

  17. @louis — I looked at one in person today, hoping to test ride later in the week — they DO have eyelets for a rack, one of my primary reasons for liking it.

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