Xpedo prototype SPD trail pedal with alloy platform

Xpedo is showing off a prototype mini-platform trail pedal that’ll come with either titanium or chromoly spindles.

The cage/platform is 6061 alloy and will likely come in four anodized colors. Target weights are 340g for Ti and 375g for chromoly. Insides use three sealed cartridge bearings, and clips have adjustable tension.

The Ti version will have a 180lb rider weight limit, but are said to be fully trail capable (jumping, bashing, etc).

Xpedo prototype SPD trail pedal with alloy platform


  1. Gillis,
    All pedal manufacturers of Titanium spindle pedals have a rider weight limit of 180 lbs. That is why their is a chrome version.

  2. I am just now finding this article, and feel compelled to admit that I have been running XPEDO’s Ti spindled XC race pedals for YEARS..even up to 240lbs..seriously..240lbs..and have never even thrown a bearing…nothing ever! They have run smoother, longer, and have been more dependable than any other pedal I have evr used, period..and at typically a fraction the cost of other brands, a worthy pedal for every kind of racer out there. I have their road pedals now too..and LOVE them!

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