Sexy Bicycles Fixie Blue Fresh

From Australia, Flying Machine Bicycle Design is out with 9 new fixies under the name Sexy Bicycles.

Made to order in virtually any color of the rainbow, components can be mixed and matched for personal style. If fixies aren’t your cup of tea they offer other options. For some extra cash each bike, including “Fresh” pictured above, can be rigged with an 8 Speed Shimano Alfine hub, 11 Speed Alfine or a basic freewheel. Handlebars can be swapped too with a choice of track bars, risers, drops or bulls.

Frames are CRMO Columbus triple butted steel tubing. Pricing ranges from $1400 to $1900 AUD (virtually equivalent of USD) depending on model. The price jumps a bit higher with upgrades like custom paint jobs. Fresh runs $1890 and is sized XS-XL. Click ‘more’ to view glamorous photos and the Crush model…

Sexy Bicycles Fixie Wheelset Brake Detail Blue

The positioning of the quick release is interesting. I’d probably opt for a downward position.

Sexy Bicycles Fixie Drive Side Blue

Sexy Bicycles Fixie Drive Side Green

Fresh gets a choice of two colors – Green and Blue. Other models like “Crush” pictured below have different colors, strokes, and tones.

Sexy Bicycles Crush Green Orange

Pricing for Crush is $1590. Check out the full lineup over at Sexy Bicycles.


  1. It’s made out Columbus Zona, which is nice, I guess.

    And you can get one with the Alfine 11 with an STI type shifter which is awesome.

    The Pricing is a tad bit ludicrous, though.

  2. Actually, looking at the website they claim that the front fork is a monocoque carbon fiber fork and that the wheels are handmade carbon? The frame looks like it may actually be made by a builder rather than a factory. So it isn’t that it is overpriced, it’s that you paid $2k for a fixie.

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