From USA Cycling:

USA Cycling is excited to unveil the kits that will be worn by members of the U.S. Cycling Team during the Olympic Games in London this summer. 

Designed not only to be performance enhancing, but also to have a patriotic and stylish throw-back theme, the 2012 Olympic kits ensure that American cyclists will look just as good as they ride. The road, track & mountain bike kits, designed by SKINS, is intended to be reminiscent of the U.S. kits from the 1984 Los Angeles Games.

Designed specifically for the riders, the kits are crafted of fabrics that were selected for a range of weather conditions, as well as aerodynamic and breathability qualities.

Hop past the break to check out the BMX gear…

The BMX gear, designed by Nike, was inspired by the sport’s roots. The BMX kit is a flashback to the 1970s when kids raced Southern California dirt tracks in three-quarter sleeved baseball tees. The jersey’s rugged design features a white body, navy sleeves, “USA,” and an eagle whose red outline grips the handlebars of a BMX bike.

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  1. ” to have a patriotic and stylish throw-back theme” – Why would you go with a throw back theme? This is the olympics. This is the best of the best. Wouldn’t you want to push the athletes to feel like they are truly the best of their country by giving them some awesome graphics instead of some throwback design?

    If you can’t tell, I’m pretty bummed about these. We are going to look funny when lining up next to other countries who have great looking kits.

  2. @Seymour

    Yes, the roadie spandex is….BUT those BMX jerseys look awesome. I’d totally rock that 3/4 sleeve jersey with an ‘Merican Eagle gripping a set of handlebars. Sweetie, if you’re reading this, will you please buy me this awesome ‘Merican Eagle jersey? I love you long time.

  3. The bmx jersey is cool. I’d rock that on the trail.
    The retro look is of the others is fugly. Why go retro if you’re gonna go with the 80’s? 60’s or 70″s would’ve been better, or just something modern/new.

  4. Ugly kit as expected. Looks like something juniors wear.

    I hope the track kit looks better than that. GB and Australia look good.

  5. In this case, stylish throw-back must be code for – the designer was out of fresh new ideas so he/she had to borrow something that had already been done before. I’m not opposed to throw-backs.. but if you’re going retro it still has to at least look good.

    USA cycling authorizing agent says, “the new design looks cheesy!”

    Designer says, “they’re a throw-back design.”

    USA cycling authorizing agent says,”oh, in that case, they are awesome. Nice work. Let’s go with them.”

    The designer of the road kit clearly doesn’t ride and therefore doesn’t understand that.. when you look bada$$.. you are inspired to ride like a bada$$.

  6. Very cool bmx gear. I’m glad they went with a very clean graphic kit. The roadie kit does look like they just raided a bad closet but hey….it’s the olympics not a fashion show. Only color combos they should care about are bronze, silver, and gold.

  7. Throw backs are almost always terrible. You don’t have to look any further than every american “muscle” car that has been reinvented and how badall of them look.

    @Jamey: I thought the same thing. Looks like its made by Primal Wear (not a good thing)!.

    The shortly look particularly terrible. Is there some sort of gradient that doesn’t span across the chammy panel or something? What is going on there.

  8. Kit looks fine to me.

    @ Dustin: You have your cause and effect backward. Riding like a badass makes you look like a badass. If you go out and stomp everyone into the ground, you could wear a primal kit with knee high socks and all the lesser riders would still wish they were you.

  9. Opinions are like as$@&les! And here are two of mine. You guys are dumb, and these mtb kits are rad. And so are the riders wearing them. And Primal bashing, come on! Have you seen their pro team stuff? It’s legit!

  10. The internet is a horrible place. Bike Rumor comments are consistently bitchy and self-righteous. I hope you guys get all your negativity out here and actually treat people humanely face-to-face.

  11. @ Kevin: It’s ok for people to have opinions and give feedback.. even if it doesn’t match your personal view.. that’s kind of the point of comments.

    Appears that most people are giving nods of approval to Nike for getting the BMX gear done right. Just think that Skins needed to do something different with the shorts on the road kit to bring it all together.. aesthetically speaking. Maybe there needed to be something placed in that blue void on the shorts and the kit would’ve looked a lot better.

    @ off-roadie: I concede to your argument. Except for the knee high socks part. No matter how fast you go.. absolutely nobody would want be you wearing knee high socks.

  12. Doesn’t matter what our kits look like on the starting line – everyone will be looking at the Aussies’ gaudy Shimano shoes. It’ll all look fine on the podium.

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