Gary Fisher’s busy tweeting bike photos from Trek World Europe, but the show stoppers from Trek’s Gary Fisher collection look to be a 896g Superfly SL 29er hardtail and the 1,850g Superfly 100 SL full suspension bike (above).

According to Freerider.ro, the Superfly 100 SL will be available in two trim levels, a Pro SL with SRAM XX and an Elite SL with XT. Visually, the only striking difference is that the upper pivot for the linkage arm is moved backward to the corner of the top- and seat tubes. Current models have it placed on the top tube about 2-3 inches in front of the seat tube. That, and the headtube junction looks a bit larger, but it could just be this image.


The Superfly hardtail moves the rear brake inside the rear triangle but otherwise looks similar. It’ll be interesting to hear the frame tech that let them drop grams over the current (non SL) models. The same two trim levels (XX, XT) will be offered here, too. Above photos from Trek Romania via Freerider. All pics below from Gary Fisher.


The Rumblefish Pro (above) with XT triple and dropper seatpost and Elite (below) with


The Rumblefish is their 12omm travel 29er all-mountain bike and uses Trek’s ABP concentric rear axle/pivot. We’re diggin’ the custom green Fox fork and trim. Other than colors, we can’t tell what’s changed on these.


The 2013 Wahoo 29er hardtail.





Thanks to Erik and Chuck for the links!


  1. RE: SF100

    Also: internal cable routing, no seat tube brace despite it being at least a size medium, and a slight curvature to the bottom of the seat tube. This is undoubtedly a ground-up redesign. I’d guess it’s Asian too.

  2. Sfly 100/hardtail: Also notice the front derailleur mounts are different I think. Hardtail has the 12mm thru and chainstay mounted brake that is new.

  3. 896 g! Good thing they have such a sterling rep for longevity, ya know? (I can hear those frames cracking already……….)

  4. That green Fox fork on the Rumblefish Elite is…interesting.

    Can’t wait to get a glimpse at the new Remedy and Slash.

  5. I love racing guys on these, makes me happier they are even lighter, the old ones were “disposable”. Everyone had a new bike because it was always a warranty replacement. Trek, please make them even keep removing mass.

  6. I have a 2012 Rumblefish pro and I have been really happy with it for everyday trail riding. Great bike- so far so good. Thanks bikerumor for the excellent website which I read regularly.

  7. yawn…looks like another creak-tacular year in the bike shop…and damn, what’s up with those colorways? that rumblefish looks hatin..Trek needs someone with taste to lay down the color options on their bikes.

    I will say its about time the rumblefish got a dropper post though you have to get the pro kit for that…why not the elite level too eh?

  8. Paint and decals are heavy……….. less paint and minimalist decals can lead to significant weight reduction

  9. Rode the Trek Superfly 100 elite sl at a demo event…it was fantastic. Light, fast, great suspension. It’s an xc race bike. I don’t really know how much abuse it was designed to handle.

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