Thanks to Archie for the tip.


  1. “It’s strong. It’s durable. It’s cheap.”
    Yeah, minus the incredible labor to build it! Hat’s off to this guy. Such an amazing project!

  2. Wow!

    My only question is how he did the bottom bracket/headset/hub areas. Bearings pressed in, or did he make some sort of bushing system out of cardboard?

  3. Look like a lot of fun to build buy not cheap. Two tubular tyres cost more than most huffy bikes. Also not sure about those rim and the heat from the brakes.

  4. Wow! That was inspirational. What a cool project. Where does that guy live? The scenes were striking to me. Can’t wait to see cardboard bicycle kits for sale on EBay.

  5. Cool! I dpon’t think he’s too worried about heat issues affecting the braking surface on his cardboard rims…I think this is just a novelty project…Not for pro tour.

    And I seriously doubt he’s running tubulars! Could be just a glued rubber surface.

    Aside from the bike thing, the guy builds bass guitars! Dang!

  6. You are going to have to do a lot of dumpster diving to find that guality of cardboard, outherwise you will need to order it somewhere. You will still have to buy brakes, bottom bracket, tires, axles, headset, pedal bearings, and a chain. All for $20?

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