2012 Shimano SH-R315 olympic edition road cycling shoes with gold details

Shimano will be providing its 22 sponsored Olympic cyclists with gold-adorned road shoes. It’s a cosmetic tweak to the SH-R315, a shoe we happen to really like thanks to its roomy toe box and excellent heel retention. Unless you’re headed to London, though, don’t expect to get your feet in a pair. Check the flag on the middle strap. Via BikeBiz.


  1. Yeah, I bet the Aussies wearing the shoes shown–you know, the shoes with the Aussie flag on ’em–are real concerned ’bout those shoes being made in America. If the US Olympic cyclists are wearin’ ’em, I hope they’re not made in America since that would add more expensive to the teams effort for no reason, especially as they’d gain nothing from it.

  2. I for one think they look awesome, its a shame Sammy Sanchez is sponsored by Sidi. And they are made in China, but a high quality shoe nonetheless.

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