Arione CX Fizik Black

Fizik unveiled three new Team Edition saddles – Arione, Aliante and Antares. Each comes with 3mm wide matching bar tape with 1mm more padding than Fizik’s other tapes.

The three saddles are divided into three categories – Snake, Bull, and Chameleon – based on rider flexibility. The Arione CX shown above is for Snakes, super flexible riders that move about the saddle for different terrains. Measurements are 300 x 132mm. Weight is 205g with a nylon carbon reinforced shell, microtex cover and Fizik’s K:ium steel alloy rail. Arione CX gets two color schemes, solid black to match Team Sky, or white/green to match Team Liguigas-Cannondale (after the break) . MSRP is $210.

Click ‘more’ to read about the “bull” and “chameleon” saddles…

Arione CX Green

Aliante Gamma Team Edition

Aliante Saddle Fizik White Aliante Gamma Saddle Fizik Red

The Aliante Gamma Team Edition saddle is for Bulls, riders that remain in the pocket while riding regardless of terrain. Measurements are 265 x 142mm. With a microtex cover and nylon carbon reinforced shell with Fizik’s steel alloy K:ium rail, weight comes in at 259g. Retail is $180. The white and blue saddle matches the French team FDJ-Bigmat while red matches BMC.

Antares Team Edition

Antares White Saddle Antares Black Red Fizik Saddle

Antares is Fizik’s in-between saddle built for Chameleons, riders that appreciate features from both of the above designs. Construction is flat and a bit wider than the Arione platform. The lightest of the three, Antares weighs 189g and measures 274 x 142mm. It gets a Rilsan polyamide carbon reinforced shell with microtex cover and the K:ium rail. Black and red matches team Garmin Barracuda, white matches Rabobank. MSRP is $230.

When the Tour de France concludes, they’re available for purchase.


  1. black to match team Sky… white to match Rabobank… without logos…I’m failing to see the true connection… Shouldn’t a Team Edition usually denote a team Logo or something a bit more identifying (?). Fizik has set the bar rather low with this offering.

  2. I disagree. Much prefer the treatment of team colours, rather than a team logo. Its subtle without feeling like you need to wear your matching kit every time you ride your bike…

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