Sportique athlète all natural skin care review

Sportique makes a wide range of skin care products aimed at athletes, all using natural, botanical ingredients without the parabens and other ingredients we try to stay away from.

I tested the Body Soap, Century Riding Cream, Body Deodorant and Shaving Cream, and I love them all. I tend to geek out over lotions and potions, as my medicine cabinet would reveal, and the Sportique goods are now at the top of my list. Not only are they formulated with skin- and earth friendly ingredients, but they work really well. There’s no performance sacrifice for doing good here.

With the exception of the Shaving Cream, the products all carried a similar scent that’s best described as lightly floral without being feminine. I like it, and Sweetie likes it, too. Click through for ingredients lists and details…

Sportique athlète all natural skin care review

The Shaving Cream starts off a bit waxy but quickly forms an easy to spread cream. It’s slick enough to keep even a well used razor gliding over legs and face without any irritation, rinses off easy and doesn’t leave any residue. There’s no real scent, and it only slightly lathers, so it stays put on your legs (as opposed to thinner products that drip off before you’re done depilling a section of leg). It’s probably the best shaving cream I’ve ever used.

Sportique athlète all natural skin care review

The Body Wash works great to get sunscreen-and-road-grit sweat off and is very refreshing after a hot ride. It could stand to lather up better. I ended up using a bit more on the loofah than I would with a traditional body wash in order to get my whole body clean. This and the deodorant have the most scent, but it’s not overpowering and doesn’t seem to last beyond toweling off.

Sportique athlète all natural skin care review

The Body Deodorant comes in a pump spray bottle, and I suspect mine leaked about half out in shipping. That said, I like the pump spray because you can quickly deodorize after a long night’s sleep or after a ride without contaminating a stick deodorant with pre-existing funk. I used it after a couple long rides when I knew I wouldn’t be showering anytime soon and it eliminated any BO. For normal use, it seemed to do the trick keeping me smelling decent throughout the day. It would be nice if the container were a bit smaller to make it TSA compliant and have a larger refill bottle available.

Sportique athlète all natural skin care review

Last but certainly not least is the Century Riding Cream. This chamois cream has a slightly thinner consistency than Chamois Butt’r, has a lighter but similar floral scent as the other items and spreads very easily. It’s non-greasy, water based and feels thin compared to most, but it did its job on 4+ hour rides and was noticeably present when de-chammying. This recent heat wave put it to the test, but it held up against a lot of sweat. After the rides, I still felt fresh “down there”, and it washes off quickly and easily.

Overall, I’m really impressed with Sportiques’ products. It’s a rare combination to find a skin care line that has the right ingredients and lives up to expectations, especially when my expectations tend to be very high.


  1. I’ve been using the Century Riding Cream and their Waring Up Oil and love them both. They are high quality products with no sulfates and great customer service.

  2. I just this week got in a bottle of their leg lube shave gel and I have to say I’m impressed. Goes on easily, smells good but not like a really heavy cologne smell that you get with some of the big name cans. Goes on with minimal lathering so its hard to use it as a ‘where have I shaved’ kinda thing.

    I dig it.

  3. Well, gosh, I’m fascinated by stories about your butt lube.

    Your link is broken – you left out a “w” in “www”.

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