Serfas Thunderbolt USB Head Light

Serfas spans the industry from cycling accessories to apparel. They’ve just released Thunderbolt –  a silicon, usb rechargeable bike light collection available in 7 colors. The headlight pictured above beams 90 lumens with a strip of 15 micro LEDs. Run time’s 1.5 hours on high beam, 6.5 low beam, 3.5 high blink, and 9 at low blink. Water resistant and with a non-directional beam, claimed weight is 50g. Retail is $45.

Serfas’ Thunderbolt tail light featured after the break…

Serfas Thunderbolt USB Tail Light

The 35 lumen tail light gets a 30 micro-LED strip for lighting. Run time is 1.75 hours high beam, 7 low beam, 3 high blink, and 9.5 on low blink. Mounting straps disconnect for added mounting options (a feature on the headlight too). It’s water resistant too and weighs 50g. Pricing is $45.

Thunderbolt’s not available yet for purchase but will be soon. We’ll probably be throwing a set on the commuters soon and giving them a spin. Stay tuned.


  1. Serfas makes great lights, but do yourself a favor and do NOT leave them in the heat. The silicon breaks down at high temps and will fall apart.

  2. 3 hours on high blink, that’s not even a weeks worth of riding. Needs more battery so you can charge and forget, if you have to pull it off and charge every few days it looses all its convenience.

  3. how many lights really give you a weeks worth of riding on the highest setting when they are bright enough to even be worth a shit up against traffic? I would rather have my lights bright as hell and and have to charge it then not have to worry about charging and not being seen. I have a Serfas 60 lumen tail light and it is the brightest light i have ever seen on a bicycle. It only lasts 3 hours on high but I know that I will be seen.

  4. Hey Doug! 3 hours on high blink, that’s not even 2 DAYS worth of riding! A week would be perfectly adequate but I’ll have to recharge these EVERY DAY. But like Iradj says, when I’m overtaking on the inside past a queue of traffic and a volvo decides he wants to pull out of the queue: i’d prefer to be SEEN.

  5. Our Serfas rep just brought these samples in yesterday…pretty trick light! I’ve never seen anything like it. YEs, it looks a little like a knog, but the knog cannot compare. super bright and it seems to light everything with a crazy glow. The shop manager picked up a few dozen of these.

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