On a road trip to Whistler we decided to make a quick detour to Transition Bikes to see the birthplace of some awesome bicycles. Lurking in the corner of the office lay the recently unveiled Transition Carbon Covert. The bicycle pictured above,  featuring COCK & Balls technology, is only one of two in the entire country.

We didn’t weigh the frame because the rig was a prototype, and it was rolling on prototype revolution wheels, which where rather heavy, and not indicative of the ultimate weight.

Internal routing for everything you could desire – including a stealth RockShox Reverb Dropper Post.

This is the first Transition frame with a press fit BB30.

The 2013 Carbon Covert will have an aluminum rear triangle and rocker.

The bicycle was kitted with an prototype Transition branded saddle. Think soft and grippy.


After gawking over the new Covert we took a quick walk around the Transition Factory.

This is how we  wished all “employee parking” lots were filled.

The workbench.

Ride a medium frame? That handsome fellow depicted on the frame of your bike is Kyle Young, one of the owners of Transition bikes.

Look carefully at the screen for a sneak peak at the new 2013 Transition TransAM Graphics.

Above the warehouse floor resides the  photo booth. This is where all the beauty shots are snapped.

Housed inside the Transition Factory is Traitor Cycles. The niche brand creates steel frames focused on the commuter and touring markets.

They are currently only available as frames, but look for completes in 2013.

 The Burning Question: 650B?

Like most manufacturers, Transition is considering the 650B wheelset. They’re currently testing the new wheelsize (owner Kevin Menard may or may not have a Transition Bandit with 650B wheels squeezed in) but are waiting for other companies to pioneer the market.

If they eventually market a 650B bike, the company will create a frame around the specific wheelsize, in order to insure proper handling. Their first dedicated 650B bike will likely be a 6″ travel rig.



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