These photos of the yet to be released-redesigned 2013 Specialized Enduro recently began to circulate on pinkbike. The new CTD shock gives some credence to these images.

Whats different? The frame appears to be refined in order to reduce weight, and the shock linkage and hardware more closely resembles those found on the Stumpjumper.

Notice anything else? Let us know what you spy in the comments.



  1. Looks like they’ve improved handling and maneuverability!

    The wheelbase is much shorter, 1st pic, 180° rotated fork 🙂

  2. No stealth mode dropper post. The seat-post collar now features an additional function to capture the line from the top of the post to the remote.

  3. I spy yet another Specialized knock-off tire / copy of a successful brand who has invested money into their own designs.
    specialized_tire_guy whould be an easy job I guess…

    job description:
    Identify leading tire models in the MTB, Road and Urban bike segments. Make copies close enough to fool Freds, but not so close that we get sued.

  4. Not quite shure, but I think the black/orange bike with the blue decal in the second picture and behind the white Enduro in the first pic is in fact a Stumpjumper (new EVO carbon)? The color scheme on TT ST junction looks like a Stumpjumper, plus the big “Specialized” on the down tube would not fit on a Enduro frame. Maybe take this into consideration when spying new details…

  5. Gringo, how many tires have similar tread designs today? A lot. But what about the things you can’t see, like the actual construction of the tire?

  6. Wow, Alex. You are so right. I bet Specialized will now delay release until they have met your demands. They were never going to sell any of these without your modifications.

  7. I’ll give them credit. this will be the 4th version that is ground up different since 2008? Their bikes are getting more annoying. Every year it is a ground up change. I can’t imagine what parts availability for the older ones is like. Granted I don’t own them, so not a problem I will have to worry about either.

  8. Not to annoy you… but again the black/orange bike is a Stumpjumper. Possible changes would only refer to the white bike> Enduro. Oh well, I will be quiet now…

  9. I heard that there will be no more XL frames for the enduro in 2013. Is that true? I could not find the specialized customer support email adress, so i hope that somebody has some information about the enduro frame size for 2013. Thanks a lot, Dominik

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